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Single note inspection: managed services over expensive investment

Quality control of freshly printed banknotes is a essential process both for central banks and printing plants. As a technology and quality leader, we offer single note inspection as a managed service, with transparent costs and no fixed investment, and with guaranteed performance right from the start, so only banknotes of flawless quality enter circulation.

More than 50% of banknote printing plants today rely on our experience in single note inspection. We have around 150 systems – the BSP 2000 OBIS and its successor BPS® X9 – in use worldwide, making us a global market leader in this sector. In order to reduce investment and increase flexibility, banknote printing plants are opting to outsource, and are conducting single note inspection using the G+D managed service. We provide them with a service for a monthly fee, typically on their own premises. However, the service can also be provided from our sites worldwide. On request, our trained staff are also available on request, meaning little or no labor costs for our customers. The outsourcing model can initially be used on a trial basis, and the operation of the system can be taken over later at any time.

Single note inspection as a managed service

  • Full cost control: We charge a monthly fee for our managed services. Costs are manageable and transparent. No investment is required; or in the case of subsequent takeover, the investment required is lower.
  • Guaranteed performance: Our single note inspection system is immediately available in full. Performance scope, quality and reaction times are clearly and unambiguously defined in the service level agreements (SLA).
  • Experienced staff: We can provide you with trained staff to operate the system on request. This means no additional staff costs for you; you might even save costs under some circumstances.
  • Attractive portfolio growth: Our managed service is the ideal addition to your performance portfolio. It will allow you to accept future print jobs which require a 100% single note inspection. Print batches with partly defective banknotes can be easily separated
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View inside a machine for inspecting banknotes
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