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Banknote finishing systems: 100% flawless quality

For over 20 years we have been able to automatically inspect the quality of each freshly printed banknote in the process. Our technologies and systems like the BPS® X9 are especially reliable and set the market's quality standard. On request, we also offer single note inspection as a service – with guaranteed performance from the start, and transparent costs.

Banknotes are becoming increasingly technologically complex to protect against forgery, which makes final quality control even more important. With our BPS X9, we put every single note under the microscope, and only approve them if all features are present, so that they are accepted both by people and teller machines. Its measurement technology is specially designed to inspect the quality of freshly printed banknotes, which it assesses for defects and tolerance discrepancies according to criteria that are specified in advance. The BPS X9 is the central component of the “Banknote Finishing Solution” complete solution. This system provides additional productivity and reliability in combination with a CutLink X cutting machine and a NotaPack 10 packing system. The final processing of banknotes is fully automated in the printing plant.

How single note inspection works

View inside a machine for inspecting single banknotes

Each freshly printed banknote is inspected for all quality characteristics during single note inspection. The BPS® X9 only checks the single notes after they have been numbered, coated, and cut. Defective notes are automatically sorted and reliably destroyed, and flawless banknotes are securely packed. At the end of the inspection, our customers receive a precise and detailed report about quantities and quality of the inspected banknotes.


BPS® X9 and CutLink X: a strong partnership

We coordinate the cutting process and final inspection in every detail. If the BPS® X9 detects deviations from the required cut, it reports them to the cutting machine in real time. CutLink X then adjusts the cutting parameters in a matter of seconds, minimizing the number of deviations from the required result and therefore fully safeguarding banknote quality.

Information from the printing process


During the inspection process, sensors collect a range of data on the inspected banknotes: How many banknotes have been inspected and found to be fit for circulation? How many have been rejected? What quality defects have been found? The data is analyzed using tried-and-tested software.


The results of the inspection are documented in detail. Information on “defective”, rejected banknotes allows conclusions to be drawn on the source of the defects. As a result, printing processes can be optimized and costs reduced.


If test results are linked to information on fitness for circulation or useful life, further options are created for evaluation and analysis.

Enhanced efficiency

With the help of our analysis software Compass LUNA, we can draw information on individual production batches. This enables users to enjoy greater efficiency in the production process. Data from reports and logs can be transferred to the customer’s data server.

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Zero investment – maximum results

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Single Note Inspection as a managed service

Outsourcing instead of investment: We also offer our customers single note inspection as a service – with a guaranteed performance level from the start, and transparent costs, with no labor costs.


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