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3D visualization of process optimization for banknote printing

Compass LUNA: analyze data for quality of banknote production

Improving quality and efficiency while reducing costs is a key goal for printworks. Compass LUNA helps to identify the sources of faults and to deliver operational improvement.

Printworks looking to make their operations more productive and cost-efficient need to reduce the waste rate in banknote production and document the results at the same time. Current banknote production incorporates countless potential sources of faults that need to be identified. Each individual banknote, once printed and cut, needs to be checked for over 100 properties and security features. Compass LUNA is a state-of-the-art software solution that merges a wide range of data sources, enabling you to better identify production errors, limit processing faults, and resolve any glitches as early as possible. Featuring an intuitive user interface and interactive dashboards, it is available either on-premise or in the cloud.

Computer monitor on which the LUNA application is running.
Screenshot of G+D's Compass LUNA - Numbering Lists
Screenshot of G+D's Compass LUNA - Order Status
Screenshot of G+D's Compass LUNA - Inspection Statistics
Screenshot of G+D's Compass LUNA - Harvesting
Screenshot of G+D's Compass LUNA - Fault Analysis
Screenshot of G+D's Compass LUNA - Comparison

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Efficient processes: identify faults, reduce errors, and eliminate glitches to improve banknote production and increase the lifetime of money
  • Reduced costs: cut down on inefficiencies such as waste or incoming banknote inspection to improve financial performance
  • Rich data: clean, enrich, qualify, and organize your data on printed notes and merge data from multiple BPS X9 and BPS 2000 OBIS systems
  • User-friendly: find the right answers quickly thanks to an intuitive user interface and interactive dashboards
  • Comprehensive scope: analyze and integrate data from entire print jobs

Data-rich, error-free banknote production

View granular detail at a large scale

Compass LUNA merges all the detailed results from several inspection systems. For example, it uses the banknote serial number and the numbering scheme on the sheets to locate the original sheet position of every banknote, providing you with numerous error statistics based on this sheet position.

Detect the undetectable

Using quality-control data from individual systems as feedback in the printing and substrate production processes can be challenging. Compass LUNA allows you to prioritize and specifically search for causes and/or solutions to faults – for example, when a security feature is repeatedly weak in the same area on a printed sheet.

Optimize banknotes from the outset

Real-time visibility of production status and quality, along with fact-based analysis, help you to improve decision-making. The software is also able to identify changes to the properties of currency before it goes into circulation, and can account for variations on the performance of a note. This simplifies product inspection and makes banknote production more adaptable and future-proof.

Remain agile with rapid responses

Find the right answers quickly thanks to an intuitive user interface and interactive dashboards. Compass LUNA makes it easier for the user to uncover any processes that did not run smoothly, thereby discovering issues that might otherwise remain hidden. It also provides information on why banknotes were rejected, which helps to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

A holistic software approach

Gain greater visibility and improve productivity

Extend the benefits of Compass LUNA by combining it with G+D’s broad portfolio of industry-leading software. These end-to-end solutions help to drive operational excellence across all printing and currency management assets. Deliver comprehensive data analysis to boost efficiencies and reduce costs with our software suite.

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