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A woman pays with banknotes at a vegetable market stall

More insights into Banknote Production

Illustration of security sign for banknotes with the motif of a bee and honeycomb

Sustainability at every level

G+D's Green Banknote is far more than a Hybrid ADDvance® banknote with the lowest carbon footprint: with no compromise on durability and security, a core with a green heart, the minimized use of plastic ot is a contribution to a more sustainable future and higher public acceptance for cash as a preferred means of payment.

Blank banknote with a cotton bill as watermark

Sustainable By Nature

Cotton is used worldwide and to this day more than any other fiber. For banknote production, it is nothing less than the raw material of choice when it comes to maximum security, sustainability, and durability. About an all-rounder with innovative strength. 

Close-up of a precisely printed banknote

Make less plastic work

Sustainable banknotes that are uncompromisingly secure and particularly durable: Hybrid ADDvance® takes up the challenge. With the newly developed cotton-polymer hybrid substrate, Louisenthal is paving the way for banknotes that can meet even the most demanding requirements.

Hybrid ADDvance sampe note with parrot and a varifeye ColourChange patch

An “ADDvancing” portfolio

In regions and countries with extreme circulation conditions, banknotes are exposed to extraordinary stresses. In response we developed banknote substrates Hybrid and the new Hybrid ADDvance®, to integrate cutting-edge security features across whole banknote series. Astrid Drexler, Product Manager for High-Security Paper, talks about the expansion of the Hybrid portfolio and how the interplay of substrates and security features can enhance efficiency across the complete cash cycle.

Illustration for the "Life of a Banknote" program

The life of a banknote – more sustainability in banknote production

Louisenthal is running the “Life of a Banknote” program to promote tangible action for green banknotes, including the use of green energy, fair-trade cotton, reusable packaging and recycling. 

Somoni banknotes in different denominations

Telling Tajikistan’s story with high-tech design and resilience

The central bank in Tajikistan has been working with Louisenthal for over twenty years, so it’s no surprise that the bank turned to us again for its banknote upgrade. In a country where almost all transactions are carried out in cash, our Hybrid substrate was the right choice of platform.

Illustration of South African Rand banknote with front and back side

Homage to Mandela with centenary banknotes

Nelson Mandela was the undisputed star of South Africa’s new set of notes. Issued to celebrate his 100th birthday, each denomination shows a different stage in his life. Based on Louisenthal’s Hybrid substrate, the banknotes have several security features that form part of the storytelling approach.

Armenian dram banknotes in different values

A security twin pack

The Central Bank of Armenia issued three of six new denominations on November 22, 2018. The design of the new series provided by the customer has been elaborated and implemented by G+D. This new series introduces the Hybrid banknote substrate to the Armenian cash cycle.

A bill is handed over to pay at a vegetable stall

Substrate for all circulating conditions

Secure, durable, attractive, and easily processed by machine – that’s how banknotes should be. Requirements for bankote substrates used are similarly complex. The scalable portfolio from G+D offers proven cotton paper and a range of innovative solutions which can ideally complete a banknote series.


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