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Paper and foil plant engineering: strategic modernization partner

For the production of banknote paper, security foils, and security systems: central banks, paper mills, and printing plants worldwide use our profound expertise in high-tech production facilities. These systems allow them to extend capacities, introduce new technological as well as ecological standards, create jobs, and improve security.

Cutting-edge production and security systems are an investment in the future: as an expansion or replacement investment, they enhance the technical efficiency of existing plants, improve their reliability, and bring the product quality to a whole new level. They also optimize the environmental balance, create new jobs, and contribute towards securing locations for the long term. Current trends in the market are being driven by digitization, for which high-tech plants are essential.

Our Plant Engineering portfolio includes facilities for producing banknote paper and security foils, coin production, access control and monitoring, as well as high-security safes. We deliver everything from a single source – from single components to turnkey plants. In collaboration with our customers’ departments, we design and plan new plants and any required buildings, monitor construction and assembly, and commission the plants.

We also train and instruct future operating staff, whilst acting as a point of contact for maintenance, support and development after commissioning.

Professional G+D plants pay dividends long-term

  • Growth in capacity: Cutting-edge and high-performance plants and components extend production capacity for the long term, for example through increased speeds and parallel process steps.
  • More flexibility: Cutting-edge production systems and control systems allow you to react flexibly to short-term changes to the production routine. Different batch sizes and customer requirements can therefore be more easily mastered than with older systems.
  • Enhanced quality: Using components such as inspection and monitoring systems or special analysis software, production processes can be sustainably improved by tracing sources of defects at an early stage, taking immediate optimization steps, and separating rejects online.
  • Added security: The security demands of production systems are constantly growing. More convenience and safety for operating staff are also in demand.
  • Increased cost-efficiency: New technologies create the option of implementing additional production steps in-house. In some cases, it may be more cost-efficient to outsource these to external providers. We also advise customers on this issue.
  • Enhanced environmental protection: When constructing new or modernizing existing plants, we ensure efficient use of resources and environmental protection, right from the start. The environmental balance can thus be sustainably enhanced in line with Corporate Social Responsibility principles.
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Planning: plenty of detail and the big picture

Setting up new production plants for banknote paper and foils as well as coins does not represent a run-of-the-mill construction project. The success of this kind of project depends on a number of factors, for example local circumstances, space requirements, legal provisions, and environmental regulations. Official permits are normally required; in some circumstances, a new production hall needs to be built, or an existing plant demolished or relocated.

Since we have extensive experience in building paper and foil plants around the world, we can provide our customers with support for all their construction projects: In the planning phase, we assist our customers’ departments in inspecting the location and infrastructure, analyzing the security and production environment, supporting them with budgeting, and preparing a feasibility study. Existing inventory and plant is designed, and order requirements are clarified, in collaboration with specialists on-site. In short: we plan the entire project.

We provide the relevant security environment such as access control systems, monitoring systems, and safe systems for all plants.

Precision work: monitoring and technology transfer

Once the foundations have been laid, we monitor construction and assembly of all plants which fall within the scope of paper or foil production. In the case of paper production, these include units for cotton processing, continuous bleaching systems, stock preparation components, paper machines, systems for online web application and paper processing, cutting, sorting and packing systems, inspection systems for the manufacture and processing of banknote paper, as well as systems for quality management and quality assurance.

Coin systems include complete production facilities for coins, coin blank finishing, coin minting machines, individual components for the specific coin minting process, and systems for quality management and quality assurance.

A flying start to production

We support our customers in the mechanical and technological commissioning of new plants, right through to creation of the first saleable products. We also train and instruct future operating staff, whilst acting as a proactive point of contact for maintenance, support and development of plants after commissioning.

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