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Secure paper: the trusted platform

The production of security paper is a key competency of G+D. Our substrates are produced from natural raw materials, and finished using proven cutting-edge methods. Our focus on preserving authentic features ensures our substrates guarantee maximum protection against manipulation and reproduction of securities and certificates.

Personal IDs, insurance policies and gift certificates: Counterfeiters focus on documents of intrinsic value or data. Almost all sectors are affected, and the consequential costs can be devastating. Our innovative substrates can only be emulated with large investment of time and resources. Our development methods are based on uniting traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology. For example, we use the cylinder mould technology recommended by Interpol for three-dimensional, vivid watermarks. This is an exclusive production procedure used only by secure paper manufacturers. Companies use our security papers to effectively protect their printed products against counterfeits and manipulations.

Standard security paper

Close up of watermark for banknotes with motif of woman

The standard is security paper with a multitone watermark. We use cylinder moulding to produce this using natural materials: cotton and pulp. It is then further refined. The feel instantly signals that this is more than a basic paper. Cutting-edge security features can be integrated into the paper alongside the three-dimensional watermark. Security threads and invisible fibers, and iridescent or hologram strips can be used.

  • Produced from natural raw materials
  • Created to reduce incidence counterfeiting
  • Uses include passports, licenses, tickets, travelers checks, vouchers, vehicle papers, policies, excise seals

TonerFix™ security paper

Comparison of two attempts to remove printed text from a document with an adhesive strip

TonerFix™ is a high-security paper specifically suited to laser printing, as the toner used in this process adheres to it very well. The tape test proves it: if you pull adhesive tape from a traditional printed paper, it will take ink with it. With TonerFix™, the adhesive tape stays clear. All available security features can be integrated into TonerFix™ security papers, and the documents can be personalized.

  • Robust protection from counterfeit & manipulation
  • Can be used for e.g. checks, tickets, vehicle papers, vouchers, contractor ID cards, and transport documents
  • Very well-suited for personalization by inkjet printing
  • Ideal for integrating established security features

JetFix® security paper

Someone tries to scratch the writing off an identity document with a sharp knife

JetFix® security paper is particularly suitable for inkjet printing. It immediately absorbs the ink, with no smearing. Color pigments are deeply embedded in the paper. Any attempt to manipulate the document destroys the paper’s surface – and makes the attempt immediately apparent. Another feature of JetFix® is that it offers excellent film adhesion, which is crucial for ID papers. It can of course also be combined with all security features, whilst also being suitable for document personalization.

  • Very well suited for inkjet printing and personalization
  • Attempted manipulation is visible at once
  • Ideal for integrating established security features
  • Can be used for ID papers, ID cards and visas

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