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Sample banknotes with various security functions

Insights into Banknote Security Technology

Four different security threads for banknotes

A new order

What is essential for the perfect match of security and aesthectics? Innovation, technological know-how and close communication with customers and partners.

A man holds a banknote against the light, revealing various security features

A window to the soul… of your currency

There aren’t many features on a banknote that stand out as distinctively as a smart window. It’s a real eyecatcher. And it’s catching on fast – there’s been a pull effect since it was introduced on euro notes. But its main purpose in life is security. Find out how you can combine a spectacular design with secure windows to minimise the risk of forgery.

1,000 Hong Kong dollar note with various security features

New banknote series reflects Hong Kong’s unique culture

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the three issuing banks started releasing the new series in December 2018, starting with the spectacular and highly secure HK$1000 note. The other denominations followed in 2019 and early 2020. All the new denominations reflect iconic aspects of Hong Kong’s history and culture, which are brought to life by the sparkling security elements.   

Armenian 50,000 dram banknote with security features from G+D

Armenia – optimising its new series through design, security and substrate

The Central Bank of Armenia introduced a new series of banknotes at the start of 2019, all of which are printed on a durable substrate (Hybrid) and in which the design and security features have been updated. Arman Hovhannisyan, a Currency Issue Specialist at the Bank, told Currency News what these changes are connected with and how the new banknotes surpass the old ones.

Close-up of a banknote with micromirror technology

Small mirrors, big impacts

Reflections, 3D effects and dynamics: G+D’s proprietary micromirror technology doesn’t just change banknote authentication and design, the level of innovation also sets entirely new standards in terms of anti-counterfeiting security.

Specimen Bulgarian 100 lev banknote

Award-winning 100-lev note for Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s initiative to significantly boost security on its banknotes attracts accolades way beyond the country’s borders – a classic case of successful cooperation between multiple experts. Founded in 1879, the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) is one of the oldest – only the thirteenth to be established anywhere in the world. As it was set up just after the restoration of Bulgaria’s independence, its notes and coins hold a special significance for national identity and sovereignty. Some years ago, it decided to significantly strengthen the security features on its new series of notes.

Close-up of a banknote with a hologram security feature

30 years of holograms on banknotes

1988 saw the first use of a hologram on a circulating note. Since then, holograms, also known as diffractive Optically Variable Devices (OVDs), have become one of the most common Level 1 security features on banknotes.

3D visualization of various fields with zeros and ones

RollingStar® security threads: secure – striking – stunning

Nowhere is confidence in a product more important than with banknotes. Security features are intended to put a stop to illegal copying by helping to distinguish real banknotes from counterfeits.


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