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Unparalleled security:

The M-Feature®.

Being certain that no counterfeit notes remain undetected brings peace of mind for any central banker – as does knowing that the cash center is running at optimal efficiency. The M-Feature® delivers in both respects, and is best-in-class when it comes to ensuring the highest security for banknotes. More than 70 central banks around the globe already place their confidence in our constantly evolving M-Feature® solutions.

Even the most elaborate counterfeits cannot match the sophistication of the M-Feature®. Thanks to intensive research and continuous development, the groundbreaking M-Feature® is not only the first, but also the most innovative and versatile feature of its kind. Designed for central banks, the M-Feature is capable not only of reliably detecting well-made ordinary counterfeits; the combination of feature and sensor also ensures the reliable detection of composed notes.

The M-Feature® functionalities additionally ensure maximum efficiency in the cash center. After all, even though security is a priceless commodity for currency, solutions need to be cost-efficient. As a flexible and customizable solution, the M-Feature® adapts to the central banks’ needs and can even be added to a running series.

The M Feature is the number one central bank feature in the world for a whole host of reasons, not all of which we will reveal here. You could say that "M" somehow stands for "mystery."
However, we would be happy to explain more details about this special security solution in a personal conversation. Please get in touch with us.

Invisible. Invincible. M-Feature® secured.


The M-Feature® benefits at a glance:

  • Ultimate Level 3 security for banknotes
  • Best-in-class robustness
  • Highest efficiency in the cash center
  • Continuous innovation and functional enhancements
  • The most trusted and proven standard for central bank authentication.

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