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Close-up of a varifeye® ColourChange security window in the shape of a colorful shimmering shell

varifeye® ColourChange: synergy for security

Appealing design comes together with impressive functionality in the varifeye® ColourChange security feature. When combined with a window in the substrate, the varifeye® ColourChange foil is able to fully present its strength: large, custom motifs that change color strikingly in reflection and transmission views.

With varifeye® ColourChange, the interaction between the window and the foil creates dynamic and colorful images, making the banknote truly eye-catching. While the front side is enhanced by foil with micromirror technology, colors and movement effects, there is also an additional motif on the reverse in precisely laser-cut windows. In transmitted light, this appears in deep blue tones from both sides, and it has a premium gold appearance in direct light. The effects are visible even in poor light conditions. Technological innovation with respect to the material and color shift create visual brilliance, and an impression that is very difficult to imitate at a comparable level.

varifeye® ColourChange can be combined and synchronized with many additional security features for even greater design freedom, whilst retaining security.


An array of advantages

  • Fast authentication due to a perfect thematic link on the front and reverse.
  • Custom motifs for window edges and the foil enable synchronization with other banknote features
  • Can be integrated into all production processes and substrates
  • Lasting security throughout the banknote lifecycle
Close-up of varifeye® ColourChange security windows in the form of colorful shimmering motifs
Close-up of a varifeye® ColourChange security window in the shape of a colorful shimmering penguin
varifeye® ColourChange security window on a specimen banknote with penguin and fish

The windows, color and foil as a team

On the front side of varifeye® ColourChange, there is a custom motif in micromirror technology with dynamic color and movement effects.

The LaserCut™ window on the reverse frames an additional motif that corresponds with the front side, and shines through in a shimmering blue when backlit.

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