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The varifey ColourChange in the shape of a golden fish, in which a snowflake is incorporated in the transmitted light

varifeye® ColourChange Patch: easy, flexible, and secure

Same technology, different size: varifeye® ColourChange Patch is a brilliant solution for maximum design freedom, security, and attraction. The small foil motifs (“patches”) can be individually shaped and placed on banknotes. An astonishing front and back side color change from gold to blue in reflection and transmission views ensures clear and instant recognition.

Room for additional features on banknotes is often scarce. Therefore, size, shape, and location of the varifeye® ColourChange Patch and its LaserCut™ or Filigram® window are highly flexible and can be customized to suit the holistic banknote design. Through the customized integration into the overall layout and substrate, varifeye® ColourChange Patch provides new opportunities for connecting eye-catching images on the front with contrasting shapes and effects on the reverse. The combination of thin-film and micro-mirror technologies ensures a color-intensive and convincing color change from gold to blue in reflection and transmission views. As the ambient light is almost entirely reflected, the effects are easily recognizable – even in low-light conditions.

Front and back of a sample note with iceberg motif, a whale as watermark and a ColourChange patch

Unlike most other foil elements, the Patch allows for the integration of additional high-tech design elements on the foil. This makes it possible to synchronize various optical effects within the banknote design. Registered application ensures uniform positioning of the feature on the banknote – thus allowing recognition of the full feature area from the bottom to the top and even on the reverse of the banknote. The application is on one side only. Proven sheet pile stability and processability reduces the need for process adaptation.

Advantages at a glance

  • Customized patch and window shapes due to maximum design freedom
  • The brilliant various effects support easy authentication
  • Can be integrated into all production processes and substrates
  • Excellent counterfeit resistance throughout the banknote lifecycle

Both synergy and contrast – front to back

From the obverse, the image demonstrates vivid micro-mirror, color change, and 3D effects, with a golden ambience. This accentuates the 3D domed motifs. In reverse, the image is blue in transmission and the design is crafted from either LaserCut™ technology or Filigram® in paper.

Illustration of the micro-mirror, motion, color change and 3D effects of the varifeye® ColourChange Patch for banknotes

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