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Casino Connect: gain full visibility of count room operations

Optimize the performance of count room operations with Casino Connect – software that offers integration and flexibility and helps to lower costs.

Count rooms are at the heart of every casino. Maximizing their performance is the key to driving an efficient, profitable operation. As an important cog in a big machine, count rooms must ensure that money moves smoothly into and out of the cage, the count room, kiosk devices, and other facilities – with no downtime or variances.

G+D’s Casino Connect integrates banknote processing systems to give casino operators, supervisors, and managers greater visibility of their count room operations. Casino Connect offers a range of ways to improve accuracy and efficiency and reduce costs and manual labor. The modular software integrates with G+D’s full portfolio of BPS counting and sorting machines and offers built-in interfaces to casino slot and other accounting systems. Additionally, the ability to provide visibility to multiple departments allows you to enhance monitoring and reconciliation processes throughout the casino. Ultimately, the software solution enables you to deliver industry-proven best practices. 

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Features and benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive support: account for multiple currencies and sort cash according to your individual specifications
  • Full transparency: track assets throughout their journey from preparation and processing to accounting and monitoring
  • Multisystem reports: consolidate reports on system availability and performance so you can get a 360-degree view
  • Integrated technology: take advantage of full support for Windows, Windows Server, and MSSQL Server database for enhanced monitoring and reconciliation
  • Modular design: customize Casino Connect to the specific needs of your business
  • Reduced costs: make savings to your payroll and minimize new hardware investments

Our audit team appreciates the complete view Casino Connect provides for soft count operations, and it gives me the opportunity to monitor two count rooms at once, right from my computer screen.

Al Elder, Count Room Manager, Island View Casino

Casino count room process optimization

Connect all your operations

Integrate the modular software with all your existing casino management systems, machines, and count rooms across multiple casinos, to enable 360-degree visibility of your operations, wherever they are. Process everything from tickets to vouchers, banknotes, and chips, to easily consolidate data in one place.

Analyze performance

Use the dedicated dashboard to track assets and view the performance of all your processes from slots, tables, and kiosks in multiple currencies. Monitor KPIs and create reports to make tangible improvements to your operations.

Integrate back office operations

Log and consolidate data on machine status, events, and customers to improve productivity. Employ the user-friendly interface to create header cards and simplify verification and reconciliation. Increase process flexibility thanks to smart system interfaces and mobile device capabilities.

Ensure scalability

Add new functions and requirements, such as changes to local gaming laws, quickly and easily. Customize the software architecture to your needs without affecting the quality or stability of existing modules.

Download case study

Cover of the Casino Connect Island View case study

Island View Casino Resort

Read how Casino Connect helped Island View Casino, one of the largest casinos on the Gulf Coast, triple its cash volume.

Holistic software solution

Further streamline and optimize your casino operations

Casino Connect can be utilized in conjunction with other solutions from G+D's software suite to deliver enhanced visibility across all cash management operations. Gain a centralized view of all cash levels and collate data from machines, sites, and resources to drive operational excellence and enable secure remote access to your machines.

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Casino CashView

Get a centralized view of cash levels across the casino and automate cash management process to save time and costs.

A look inside a banknote processing system
Banknote Processing Systems

Innovative technologies ensure efficient and secure banknote processing, while scalable systems are ideal for cash centers of all sizes.

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