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Compass Banknote Intelligence: turn data into insights

Bringing together internal and external data sources in one secure location, Data Intelligence turns banknote and cash cycle data into actionable insights.

Central banks and printworks produce thousands of data points each day, but understanding what to do with this data and leveraging it to improve business outcomes can prove challenging. Compass Banknote Intelligence is an advanced analytics platform that allows constant monitoring of banknote quality as it comes from production or circulation. Built on the latest big data technologies, Compass Banknote Intelligence allows you to capture, store, manage, and analyze an unlimited amount of banknote and cash cycle data. The secure, scalable solution can perform live monitoring of shredding rates, analyze banknote features, and provide early notification of any variations in circulation conditions. These data-driven insights can help create more robust and sustainable cash cycles, by reducing waste and helping you identify new opportunities to improve efficiency.

Feature and benefits at a glance

  • Easy to use: start using the solution quickly thanks to a low setup effort and minimal hardware and software requirements
  • Rich data insights: store, archive, clean, enrich, and aggregate data in a centralized location with unlimited analysis
  • Smarter decision-making: use pre-defined queries, visualizations, and interactive dashboards powered by machine learning to better inform the decisions you make
  • Secure platform: keep your data safe thanks to G+D’s secure and scalable private cloud and multilevel logins
  • High flexibility: connect relevant data sources, exchange information with different business units, and support analytics use cases across your organization
  • Data-as-a-service: choose this option and G+D will analyze your data for you and send you customized reports
Compass Banknote Intelligence by G+D - Overview
Compass Banknote Intelligence by G+D - Denomination Comparison
Compass Banknote Intelligence by G+D - Quality Analysis

A complete intelligence solution

Improve operational capabilities

Create deeper insights into the banknote life cycle. Compass Banknote Intelligence enables a comprehensive analysis of data from both internal and external sources. BPS® machine and vault management system data is combined with a printworks’ single note inspection data in a central data lake to improve overall quality and performance.

Implement security by design

Compass Banknote Intelligence is the primary solution for meeting central banks’ stringent security requirements. Data is stored in G+D’s secure, scalable cloud solution, which is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure data center. It takes everything from data protection standards to subscriber certification into account to guarantee that your data remains safe.

Guarantee constant quality

Improve banknote quality thanks to constant monitoring, from production through to receiving notes back from circulation. Taking into account your specific requirements, interactive dashboards can analyze faults, compare BPS® sorting results along different parameters, such as denomination, and display serial number reading and searches.

Enable flexibility

Choose between three different ways of using Compass Banknote Intelligence. Undertake the analysis and reporting yourself, or get G+D to work with your data to provide reports. Alternatively, use the software on a specific kick-start project to try out its sophisticated capabilities.

A holistic software approach

Maximize your data’s potential

Compass Banknote Intelligence can be utilized in conjunction with other solutions from G+D’s software suite to visualize entire print jobs, meet secure remote access requirements, and drive operational excellence across all assets.

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Compass Banknote Intelligence

Compass Banknote Intelligence is a powerful tool for central banks to make the most of their banknote and cash cycle data through analytics.

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