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Compass Cloud: the Software-as-a-Service model that prioritizes data security

Financial institutions making the transition to the cloud trust in Compass Cloud’s highly secure Software-as-a-Service solution. Businesses drive down initial investments, save time and resources with fast and simple implementation, and rely on the consistent availability of their data.

Compass Cloud offers customers the possibility to outsource data securely and at minimal risk. Powered by Microsoft, this solution assumes the responsibility of IT hosting and infrastructure, therefore liberating customers’ IT departments and lightening the load, so that businesses can focus on growth opportunities and customer satisfaction. 


Features and benefits at a glance

  • Robust security: Microsoft Azure and G+D provide 24/7 cloud service operation and surveillance, responding immediately against cyber threats and ensuring data security around-the-clock 
  • Scalable growth: Various deployment options enable businesses to start with a setup that meets their needs and grow as they go 
  • Minimize infrastructure: Save on up-front investments by reducing or eliminating the need for physical infrastructure with flexible options to support any business 
  • Easy updates and upgrades: Independently decide when and whether to execute updates and upgrades with installation made easy for customers at their convenience 
  • Become sustainable: With Microsoft Azure, customers outsource data to reduce their carbon footprint up to 98% and become 93% more energy efficient


Never compromise on availability 

Compass Cloud’s secure cloud environment, provided by Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure, ensures low latencies due to regional setups. This solution provides very high product availability for its systems, between 99.95% and 99.99%. These numbers are based on Microsoft Azure availability, which on the low end, amount to less than five hours of downtime per year.

Rely on the highest security standards 

G+D upholds the utmost security standards, offering a 24/7 Security Incident and Event Management team that responds immediately against cyber threats and actively prevents incidents. Data encryption vastly reduces possibilities for third-party eavesdropping, additionally mitigating the risk of unauthorized access. Compass Cloud provides variable options for compliance with over 90 regional and international standards for data protection, with deployment models that allow customers to decide how and where their data is hosted. 

Faster implementation and support 

Compass Cloud enables faster implementation with no installation on the workstation itself. Easier installations no longer require the IT team’s expertise or the administrative burden of third-party licenses. Updates and upgrades are available immediately upon release, and customers have the power to choose when and if they initiate. Local servers are time consuming and costly, so this solution eliminates the need to update infrastructure to meet the varying demands of upgrades. 

Create a sustainable future 

Businesses are making the greener choice at an optimized cost. G+D centralizes the responsibility of maintaining its software, development of new features, the rollout of updates, and issue resolution. Compass Cloud enables customers to save on infrastructure so that they can prioritize a more sustainable future. 

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