Several stacks of banded €10 banknotes are held together by a plastic foil

Automation systems for increased efficiency

Automation systems for loading and packing banknotes make the professional handling of cash more ergonomic and improve cash cycle efficiency for a High Speed World. NotaTray® Loading is designed to complement the BPS® M Systems while NotaPack® works with both BPS® M and X9 systems.

The core process for banknote sorting and authentication is fully automated by the BPS® M systems. Same is true for Single Note Inspection by the BPS® X9 in printing. Additional efficiency and security gains can be achieved by automating the banknote processing steps at the start and end which still involve the manual handling of cash. NotaTray® Loading and NotaPack® are two building blocks that are ideally suited to streamlining processes for the High Speed World.

Benefits at a glance

  • Cash room automation: The NotaTray® Loading loading module and NotaPack® 10 for banknote packaging eliminate manual handling of cash in the processing area.
  • Cash center optimization: Banknotes are ready for seamless integration in cash center intralogistics, either as loose banknotes in NotaTray® or as shrink-wrapped bundles.
  • The NotaTray® enhances coordination between commercial cash centers and central banks, eliminating redundant processes at both ends.
  • Modular automation solutions complement BPS® systems for highspeed handling of cash.
  • NotaPack® 10 completes the automated finishing area in printing works and increases efficiency with reliable and secure automation.
Bundling a bundle of banknotes in shrink wrap inside a banknote processing machine
A man fills banknotes into a NotaTray®

NotaTray® Loading

The NotaTray® Loading loading module fills banknotes into BPS® M-systems, using a robotic gripper. Up to 40,000 banknotes can be buffered for continuous, uninterrupted operation of the BPS®, while the operator can concentrate on other duties. The NotaTray® can be used for intralogistics (transport and storage) or even for cash transactions within the cash center network, CITs (Cash-In-Transit) companies or other partners in the cash cycle – significantly reducing handling efforts.

(NotaTracc® has been renamed NotaTray® Loading in 2023.)

NotaPack® 6

NotaPack® 6 offers a fully automatic packaging solution
Your entry to fully automated banknote packaging

NotaPack® 6 provides a fully automated packaging solution that simultaneously increases efficiency and improves security for central banks, commercial banks and CITs. Its modular structure allows for different cash center layouts and facilitates connections with up to three BPS® machines – making it an impressive economical solution for banknote packaging.

NotaPack® 10

The modular design of the NotaPack® 10 and the compact module dimensions also ensure that it can be used where space is very limited. Power consumption and heat emissions are 50% lower than with standard packaging systems. Cash Centers benefit from dedicated features like multi-denomination packaging and dynamic label printing. Banknote Printers can expect optimum aligned interfaces with the BPS® X9 and special features like banknote bundle turning and tracking of output parcel (OPP) numbers.


Cover of GSA Loomis case study
Case study: a vision turns into reality

The case of GSA Geldservice Austria and LOOMIS Austria shows time-consuming manual process steps can be eliminated with the help of automated systems such as NotaTray® Loading.

Cover of case study on National Westminster Bank
Case study: logistics standardization with NotaTray® pays off

Learn how intelligent automation goes hand in hand with efficiency and sustainability at National Westminster Bank

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