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ProNote® VM, a validation model for smart cash-in solutions

ProNote® VM: setting new banknote validation standards for cash-in solutions

As substantial component within smart cash-in solutions, ProNote® VM enables retailers, banks, and casinos to store cash quickly, securely, and efficiently. For system integrators, the validation module ProNote® VM lowers costs with its simple assembly and enhances efficiency thanks to an outstanding transaction speed and secure verification, authentication, and storage.

Smart safes have significantly changed the process of balancing tills by relieving cashiers of time-consuming counting, which significantly reduces handling costs. ProNote® VM takes this a step further as it shares the state-of-the-art hardware, sensor set and range of adaptations from the successful banknote processing system, ProNote® 1.5. Its modular design, compact size and software interface make it easy to assemble and integrate, while a large feeder of up to 300 banknotes ensures continued ease of use for cashiers. A long lifetime and wide range of adaptations ensures that the validation module will continue to meet your individual requirements long into the future. 

A long lifetime and wide range of adaptations guarantees that the validation module will continue to meet your individual requirements long into the future.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easily integrated software and hardware
  • Auto-detection for multiple currencies supported
  • Built to last with a wide range of adaptations available
  • Exemplary singling speed of up to 800 banknotes per minute
  • Large feeder for up to 300 banknotes
  • Advanced sensor set compliant to many central bank frameworks

Easily integrated and intuitive

ProNote® VM is specifically designed for the needs of system integrators. The device can be easily flat-mounted on top of the safe of a cash-in system, while the communication interface is easy to integrate into the software application. Cashiers enjoy intuitive operation with a single user interface, the possibility of daily crediting, an easily accessible reject pocket and fast depositing.

Illustration of ProNote® VM that is flat-mounted on top of the safe of a cash-in system

Secure and efficient

An exemplary singling speed, large feeder and the ability to directly insert banknotes into the safe result in an incredible transaction speed of 100 banknotes in just eight seconds. With cutting-edge sensors and without an escrow slowing it down, ProNote® VM can automate processes by allowing swift verification, authentication and storage of banknotes.

Flexible and long-lasting

ProNote® VM is built to last. This means it not only has a long lifetime and short repair times, but it also features a wide range of available adaptations to grow alongside your business and future-proof your operations. The system supports remote management for software updates, increasing availability while lowering service costs.

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ProNote® VM

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