Zeus, a currency discriminator, is the perfect addition to any cash processing operation

Only available in the US and Canada

ZEUS currency discriminator: compact and versatile

ZEUS is a compact currency discriminator that is the perfect addition to any currency processing operation. It is robust and combines ease of use with a small footprint, quiet operation and high efficiency. It can be readily configured for specific user requirements and adapted to any existing network infrastructure.

With a processing speed of up to 60,000 banknotes per hour, ZEUS is an ideal choice for Back Office Operations, Bank Branches, Cash Centers, Casinos, Central Banks, Credit Union Branches, Exchange Offices, Public Transit Authorities and Retailers in the United States.

Benefits at a glance

  • Compact size of a 1 + 1 stacker (1 sorting, 1 reject) and weighs less than 20 lbs
  • Mixed deposit verification at up to 60,000 banknotes per hour
  • Rapid sorting by denomination and orientation
  • Unparalleled bill recognition and advanced counterfeit detection
  • Detailed value and count reporting functions
The front side of the banknote processing system ZEUS

Ergonomic design – easy and intuitive

The user-friendly color LCD of ZEUS lets users immediately become comfortable with sorting modes and counting functions through the use of hot keys. This streamlines productivity and reduces training time. ZEUS was engineered to reduce overall cost of ownership and space requirements. A lowered feed tray minimizes reach requirements and quiet operation as well as the dust screen make it ideal for any environment.

Better technology

ZEUS is powered by leading-edge, dual CIS technology that scans both sides of the banknote in high definition and full color. Coupled with full-line UV scanning this provides both advanced denomination recognition and secure detection.

Better security

Additional authentication is provided to ensure that ZEUS catches sophisticated counterfeits through the M Algorithm, a proprietary calculation based on millions of banknotes in circulation.

Fewest rejects

Together the advanced CIS technology and the M Algorithm work as a system to ensure ZEUS correctly recognizes and rejects the fewest authentic banknotes in comparison to any discriminator in its class.


Cover of the ZEUS brochure
Brochure: ZEUS

Compact currency discriminator, the perfect solution for any cash processing operation

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