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Optimize installation of our banknote processing systems

Achieving peak system operation requires professional planning. Our experts advise you on all the key matters, ensuring the greatest possible system efficiency, availability and accuracy in operation from the outset – from planning and installation, to start-up, and beyond.

Banknote processing systems are only as good as the processes integrated into them. That’s why initial preparation is key. Our specialists always take individual customer workflows into account to ensure smooth commissioning.

Benefits of our professional planning and installation

  • Efficient: fast installation and startup by our qualified specialists
  • Precise: system integration perfectly embedded into individual workflows
  • Optimized: the best possible security, right from startup
  • Effective: efficient processes and the highest possible system availability from day one
Quote by Ibu Anna Susilowati Senior Vice President of Electronic Banking Service BCA, Jakarta, Indonesia

» Thank you G+D team for transforming BCA's dream into reality: the first fully automated Cash Center for commercial banking in the world. G+D Indonesia provides 24-hour maintenance service to ensure the smooth operation of the BCA Cash Processing Center. We appreciate and value the support and service that G+D gives to us. «

Ibu Anna Susilowati
Senior Vice President of Electronic Banking Service BCA, Jakarta, Indonesia

 A seamless start-up

New systems and processes inherently raise questions: which conditions affect system placement? Do I require specialized air conditioning systems or lighting? Which equipment is needed for faultless banknote processing integration?

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Our detailed customer advice provides the answers to all of these questions – for every product, ranging from the smallest BPS® to our full cash center solutions. An initial inspection of the location allows our technicians to take individual workflows into consideration. Our experts then plan your solution together with you to integrate it perfectly into your system landscape. Expert on-site installation ensures your systems are configured to your specific requirements and made ready for use.

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Our services: maximum productivity

The full spectrum of services for optimal use of our banknote processing systems.

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