The Cash Container

Tropical fruit, smartphones, T-shirts – the way streams of products from all over the world find their way to our supermarket shelves and online stores is already a familiar story. Most of them arrive by ship or truck in huge freight containers. But how does the supply of cash work? Christian Huber from Business Development and Product Manager Christian Mitterhuber reveal G+D’s efficient response.

The number of banknotes in circulation is increasing year on year. This presents a huge challenge for logistics operations running in the background – and for the work of cash centers. “Our new generation of processing systems can check, sort, and process banknotes so quickly that the people operating the systems struggle to keep up,” explains Huber.

Help comes in the form of a small box. “Our green plastic crate, called the NotaTracc® tray, serves as a cargo container for cash circulation,” describes Mitterhuber enthusiastically. The benefits for cash centers are clear: Instead of receiving the money as bundles that need to be laboriously unpacked by hand and then repackaged into bundles at the end of the process, banknotes now arrive loose in the crate and are automatically fed into the machine. “Previously, each employee had to continuously feed one designated machine with money, but now they can work two machines at the same time. Not only is the process more ergonomic for the operator, it’s also much more efficient,” emphasizes Huber. There is less risk of tampering too.

The NotaTracc® trays can be used for almost all cash-related applications, confirms Mitterhuber, who also shares the underlying impetus.

What motivates us every day is working with our customers to drive further automation of the cash cycle

Christian Mitterhuber, Product Manager G+D Currency Technology

Over a dozen customers have opted for this solution to date, including Geldservice Austria Logistik (GSA), a leading company in the cash handling sector, which holds the largest market share in Austria. NotaTracc® trays and loading modules have already been in use at the company for some time.

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