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Connected cars - vehicle connectivity with eSIM technology

Connected cars with smart and secure connectivity

The future of the automobile is, ironically, not the car itself. The car of tomorrow will work more like a smart device on wheels. Connected cars and autonomous driving are taking on new meaning. Private and shared vehicles alike need to provide the flexibility of allowing users to personalize in-car interactions. 5G and autonomous vehicles will transform the driving experience into one that is safer, more comfortable, and more convenient.

Cars in the near future will connect and exchange data with other vehicles, infrastructure and consumer devices. Our solutions play a decisive role. Security will be at the heart of this digital transformation, ensuring that the connected vehicles of tomorrow provide safe, reliable connections and personalized services for drivers and passengers. To continue to fascinate loyal users and attract new customers, cars and vehicles will depend on meticulously secured connectivity.

Vehicle connectivity with eSIM

The driving force behind the success of the connected car is embedded SIM – or eSIM – technology. eSIM is gaining ground in more and more applications. Devices and machines that require a mobile connection can be equipped with permanently installed SIM chips. As the market leader in this technology, we support you in securing the communication your vehicles need.

We are setting the standards for vehicle SIM modules, ensuring that in the connected car risk is minimized and opportunities are maximized. Our vehicle SIM modules are tamper proof and provide a robust, secure platform for connectivity during the entire lifetime of a vehicle. Auto manufacturers can safely manage millions of connected cars with no worries – and they are also free to choose the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) partners they want to work with. Our production complies with the highest industry standards and certifications, such as IATF 16949 specifications.

Our solutions:

  • Carry eCall and ERA-GLONASS approvals and certifications
  • Include the eSIM Management solution, with SLA excellence and high-performance, high-traffic capability
  • Offer 5G connectivity
  • Comply with Digital Car Key (DCK) guidelines set down by the Car Connectivity Consortium (Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC and Ultrawide Band)

Global connected car services, in line with telco regulations

The concept of the connected vehicle is not just about better infotainment and improved navigation systems. With our eSIM Management’s standardized connectivity management service, you can control millions of connected cars efficiently. It is easy to manage a large fleet of vehicles for yourself or your customers with scalability and speed.

We give you a competitive edge. Our hardware-based eSIMs are embedded during production. So vehicles built by any carmaker can be connected to a mobile network the moment they leave the factory. Secure over-the-air remote provisioning and remote subscription management is enabled with eSIMs.

This brings enormous benefits to enterprises with large fleets – for example because entire fleets can be connected to a carrier in one go. This saves time and money, and helps reduce the total cost of ownership. Looking to streamline operations by simplifying logistics? Remote management capabilities remove the need for regular, time-intensive software SIM updates. Need highly reliable global scalability? With our eSIMs, automotive manufacturers can automatically switch to the optimal carrier profile. This makes it easy for OEMs to meet local requirements while remaining compliant with in-country regulations – such as bans on permanent roaming for imported vehicles in Brazil, or guidelines to route automated accident alerts over the domestic network as stipulated in Russia’s ERA-GLONASS system



Cover of the eSIM and the connected car whitepaper

eSIM and the Connected Car

Connected cars are in a period of unprecedented growth – with more than 400 million being on the road by 2025. This rise in ‘smart’ vehicles and their supporting industries, software vendors, and network operators reflects both the wider need for trusted connectivity and the dominance of today’s ‘always-on’ culture.

More insights into car connectivity

G+D receives IoT Breakthrough Award 2024

Leading market research company IoT Breakthrough has honored G+D with the "Connected Car Product of the Year" award for the groundbreaking innovation of its Dual-SIM Dual-Active (DSDA) solution.

Simulation of connected cars driving on a modern road network of a large city

Connected Car runs with G+D technology

G+D's DSDA solution is implemented in the BMW iX and the BMW i4. Private digital services in the vehicle can be used by passengers in parallel with car-to-cloud communication for BMW Group telematics services.

A man sits at the wheel of a car with head-up display

The eSIM-revolution has begun

The automotive sector was the first to develop eSIM technology and realize its benefits. In the meantime, this innovative technology has well reached the mass market – and it’s set to take it by storm.

Computer simulation of a driving car

Who is in the driver's seat?

Drivers need to know that their security and privacy are protected before they can enjoy the benefits of a truly connected car.

Without connectivity management, mobility has no future

The global automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation. And it’s not simply technological. Demographic, regulatory, and environmental pressures make change inevitable. Staying connected is becoming status quo. The connected vehicles of tomorrow must provide secure connectivity, reliable communication, personalized services and safety for drivers and passengers.

Car connectivity management from G+D
Car Connectivity Management

Our intelligent and flexible connectivity management allows you to provide stable and secure connectivity for a superior in-vehicle consumer experience.

Woman operates the cockpit of her convertible via touchscreen
Dual-SIM Dual-Active

DSDA is a new solution leveraging eSIM technology to provide seamless, relibale and secure connectivity for both the car and the passengers.

Digital Car Key Solution from G+D
Digital Car Key

Our key to your success: we provide you with secure, convenient, and scalable access solutions for cars.

Simulated network between buildings in a big city

5G will enable many IoT applications making it possible to manage entire factories – including the supply and distribution chains – online. G+D will be a key enabler in all of these scenarios.

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