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Massive IoT offers a multitude of opportunities to shape our future. Disruptive technologies will empower billions of devices in Industry 4.0, smart cities, transport and logistics, and agriculture, and accelerate numerous transformational changes across business and society. Creating confidence in innovative connectivity solutions is key for a greener, more efficient IoT. Securing that confidence is what we do at G+D.

Reliable cellular network coverage is the cornerstone of any successful IoT deployment. It is location-independent, flexible, and agile, and covers wider areas than other communication protocols, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 5G’s unprecedented speeds and data rates are pushing the IoT into a new era. 

However, the current Massive IoT ecosystem has limited customizability due to disconnected services and lack of regulation. Ensuring cross-platform integration is a challenge when working with different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including makers of chipsets, modules, and devices. 

Furthermore, IoT devices are often vulnerable to hacking and other cyberattacks. Given the high level of data and the network security risks posed by the exponential increase in connected devices, companies operating in the IoT are faced with a dilemma.

Trends and new opportunities in the age of Massive IoT

Enterprises are seeking a long-term partnership with a connectivity service provider who understands the specific requirements of IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) networks, while prioritizing security. With our background in connectivity and expertise in providing IoT solutions, G+D is uniquely positioned to ensure global access and the efficient life cycle management of IoT applications. We have been shaping the global SIM success story ever since we supplied the world’s first commercial SIM card, more than 30 years ago. Our technology enables devices to securely connect to mobile networks worldwide, ensuring data integrity without compromising on service delivery. Let us help you unlock your business potential through IoT innovation with built-in security tech. 

We empower you to overcome three key IoT challenges: connectivity, secure transmission, and analyzing data. G+D addresses these demands with our mobile network, secure SIM technology, and connectivity management platform. As a global leader in security technology, with almost 200 years of experience in providing innovative security solutions, we connect the IoT and secure your data, network, and devices.

Enterprise network operators: seamless and reliable connectivity for the enterprise IoT

With the number of connected devices expected to reach 34 billion by 2028, according to the GSMA, the demand for a provider specializing in Massive IoT connectivity has never been higher. This has led to the emergence of a new breed of connectivity service provider: the enterprise network operator (ENO). Combining the best elements of MNOs and MVNOs, ENOs manage their own core network and SIMs, both of which have been designed for quick and high-volume IoT connectivity, making them an ideal option for enterprises joining the Massive IoT.

Infographic on global IoT network coverage, satellite connectivity and private cellular networks

Our comprehensive portfolio of managed IoT services 

Our global roaming agreements provide reliable access to 600+ networks in 185 countries and counting, while dealing with just a single provider. We can even back this up with satellite IoT connectivity as a failsafe. Whichever type of connectivity you’re looking for worldwide, you’ll find it with us.

  • Single pane of glass: One platform to manage an entire IoT ecosystem 
  • Designed for IoT connectivity: Empowering network and SIM management for high-volume connectivity 
  • Tailored to the needs of your business: End-to-end solutions for IoT-specific use cases and global networking

IoT SIM cards and data plans to suit your connectivity needs

G+D understands there is no one-size-fits-all in IoT connectivity. Large-scale IoT deployments require a wide range of cellular technologies, from low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) to high-speed, low-latency 5G. That’s why we offer tailored SIM solutions and data plans that match your budget, coverage, and data requirements. No two businesses are the same. IoT data plans shouldn’t be either.

  • Truly global coverage that covers all your bases: Roaming agreements with over 600 network operators worldwide ensure the best, most cost-effective data plans across all major connectivity technologies – NB-IoT, LTE-M, and 5G, as well as satellite coverage for remote and rural areas 
  • Specific to your data requirements: A range of customizable data plans, whether you’re connecting your devices locally, nationally, or internationally 
  • Trusted IoT technology to match your use case: G+D's market-leading SIM technology offers you exactly the connectivity you are looking for, from pluggable SIM to eSIM and iSIM for public/private networks, ensuring easy, secure life cycle management of IoT applications 
  • With you as you grow: IoT data plans that let you enjoy savings as your business grows from 100 to 100,000 connected devices 

eSIM solutions for a smarter IoT

Having pioneered the first commercially available eSIM in 2012, G+D has mastered the technology and its applications. Secure eSIM management is key as the IoT grows and device fleets are globally deployed. By replacing the physical SIM slot with an embedded SIM, devices can be designed to be smaller and more durable against adverse environments. This enhances sustainability and cost-efficiency through reduced plastic usage and a streamlined logistics cycle. There is no need to stock multiple physical SIM cards, or even handle them. 

Most importantly, eSIMs are truly network-agnostic – you can change providers multiple times in a device’s life cycle. This flexibility empowers users to decide on a provider based on the best real-time information, considering factors such as device location, network coverage, quality, pricing, and required bandwidth. New M(V)NO profiles can be provisioned remotely over-the-air, securely and efficiently, through G+D’s award-winning AirOn360® platform. 

Our connectivity expertise and market-leading SIM technology portfolio have led to the development of the most fully featured eSIM solution on the market. Provided as a single managed service, it is the key to truly global connectivity, ideal for all global remote or roaming enterprise IoT applications, usable across a wide range of sectors such as automotive, transport and logistics, energy and utilities, and manufacturing.

SMART Network

With seamless network roaming across the world, enterprises can enjoy global connectivity, which includes native in-country profiles for the lowest latency and cost, without the complexity of dealing with different cellular providers. 


The latest and most secure eSIM technology from G+D. Remotely configure network profiles, allowing devices to connect to multiple networks using the same eSIM. Enjoy security and device management options with our advanced SIM applet technology.

SMART Platform

Single stock-keeping unit (SKU) to efficiently track your assets. Managed and billed via one platform, tightly integrated with the core network for remote management of connectivity across all global networks.

A connectivity management platform to scale your cellular IoT and M2M deployments

G+D’s IoT Suite, a class-leading connectivity management platform, removes the obstacles typically involved with monitoring numerous devices and managing global connectivity services from various network operators. Combining remote SIM provisioning, fleet control, data plans, and in-depth analytics in one unified, easy-to-use platform, it is a powerful interface that effortlessly manages all your IoT deployments at the touch of a button. 

Laptop showing a software interface with dashboards

Advantages of a central connectivity management platform (CMP)

  • Complete visibility: Visualize and monitor devices, accounts, and users in real time, from a single dashboard 
  • Granular control: Activate or suspend IoT SIM cards and set data usage limits and alerts 
  • Customizable analytics: Leverage key IoT data and analytics to make informed business decisions 
  • Advanced diagnostics: Run advanced SIM diagnostics and receive troubleshooting advice 
  • Ease of use: Manage connectivity via our platform’s clean, comprehensive interface 
  • Seamless integration: Meshes with your existing systems thanks to our open API and agnostic technology approach 

Take control of your connectivity today so that you can successfully scale your IoT projects tomorrow. 

Put your stamp on IoT connectivity services with our white label solution

Whether your enterprise is large or small, reseller or telco, our white label IoT solutions provide everything you need to expand your IoT business. Give your customers the benefit of our expertise by reselling our IoT Suite. Own them at every stage of the IoT process, across providing connectivity, management, and billing. Enjoy unparalleled insights into your customers, secure recurring revenue with hierarchical billing, and gain access to our global coverage of over 600 networks. User-friendly design enables the integration of our services into your own platforms with our API. 


Connectivity management made simple with G+D’s All-in-One IoT Suite

Digital Security Brochure

In a world increasingly reliant on interconnected devices, G+D's IoT Suite offers a comprehensive solution for managing, securing, and optimizing IoT connectivity, empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of the IoT landscape seamlessly.

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The one-stop shop for IoT connectivity

Digital Security Brochure

Spotlight on the key IoT challenges: flexible connectivity, trusted device identification, secure data transmission, and optimized sustainability. We at G+D address them all, end-to-end. Our leading IoT solutions ensure global application-specific cellular network connectivity that accounts for customers’ needs and requirements.

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What is an ENO?

Digital Security Brochure

Enterprise ownership of mobile networks is a concept that will remove some of the barriers that have stifled the growth of the IoT. See how an ENO allows the enterprise to own and control its own IoT network.

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