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Track, trace, and more: explore our devices for a smarter IoT

The Internet of Things continues to enable new and evolving use cases. G+D’s innovative telematics devices and sensors, with their own built-in power and connectivity, enable seamless track-and-trace monitoring of non-powered objects across geographies and networks. While these low-power, sustainable devices are currently most visible in the management of supply chains, their uses expand across healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and other areas as the Massive IoT era gathers momentum.

The IoT is transforming enterprise logistics

The number of connected devices worldwide is set to reach 34 billion by 2028. To consider transport in just one region, road freight within the European Union alone totaled 13.6 billion metric tons in 2022. The worldwide market for the transport and logistics segment of IoT was $31 billion in the same period. According to GlobalData, that number is set to grow to almost $67 billion in 2027. 

Supply chains are becoming increasingly globalized, which in turn exposes them to impacts from natural events, geopolitics, fuel price and availability, and other challenges. Enterprises of every size need to know where their goods are and what condition they are in, from the beginning of the supply chain to its conclusion. Delivering that capability includes providing the smartest and most sustainable low-power devices; seamless connectivity across networks, communication protocols, and borders; and the best data analytics platform for transparency. In other words, end-to-end (E2E) solutions. 

At G+D, we offer E2E IoT solutions for your enterprise.

Secure connectivity and visibility in the Massive IoT

Never lose sight of what matters, whether your goods are stuck at a border crossing, traveling through a conflict zone, or moving within a 2G network, LTE Cat-M1, or even satellite connectivity. Your business requires complete visibility over the entire process, so your logistics and operations can work more efficiently.  

We provide intermodal solutions with global coverage for businesses operating in transport, shipping, telematics, logistics, aviation, and much more. 

  • Access our roaming agreements, with over 600 networks across 185 countries worldwide. 
  • Analyze the data flowing from all those devices on our in-house IoT logistics platform.  
  • And acquire the devices that bring a smarter, more secure IoT to your business, right here. 

G+D IoT Shop: Connect your devices anywhere, anytime

Our low-power, sustainable offerings cover your track-and-trace needs across land, sea, and air. Get the best deals here, with the knowledge that our products and connectivity solutions come with our service, backed by almost 200 years of experience in securing trust worldwide.

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Discover our IoT shop for hardware solutions, providing end-to-end solutions and connectivity to locate your goods globally at any time.

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As use cases evolve, so do our solutions

Our IoT tracking devices are equipped with sensors that detect location, acceleration, vibrations, temperature, and more, providing real-time data. These network- and platform-agnostic devices are available with different connectivity technologies to suit your specific use case. Our E2E tracking system not only allows you to determine the current position of goods and containers worldwide, but also calculates storage time at stopovers and estimates time of arrival, while closely monitoring the quality of transported goods.

  • On land: Among other assets, we offer solar-charged industrial trackers for outdoor use on road and rail, for constant power and continual tracking. 
  • By air: Track airport ground equipment such as unit load devices (ULDs), pallets, and dollies with our versatile solutions. Take that capability into the air with devices with a built-in flight mode, automatically sleeping on take-off, and powering back up on landing. 
  • By sea: Our container tracking system transparently determines the position and condition of goods around the world. Data from the automatic identification systems (AIS) –utilized by ships, offshore bases, and satellites worldwide – seamlessly integrates with information from base stations on shipping vessels and our own sensors to provide the in-depth insights you need. 

Featured products

Sample the range of G+D’s connected track-and-trace devices. While those featured here are useable across a range of applications, you’ll find the device that suits your enterprise’s particular need in our soon-to-be-available IoT Shop.

We enable customers worldwide to increase their productivity and sustainability by digitalizing logistics processes. In doing so, we are bringing ‘green logistics’ to the whole world and making a measurable contribution to protecting our planet.

Stefan Heimerl, CEO of MECOMO – A Giesecke+Devrient Company


This is the world’s most maintenance-free and versatile telematics unit for tracking non-powered logistics units since 2008, from MECOMO – A Giesecke+Devrient Company. Designed for flexibility and durability and powered by solar energy, it supports the latest mobile networks. Meant for use in all weather across swap bodies, sea containers, freight cars, trailers, and the like, mecSOLAR® plus is fitted with wired and wireless sensors that monitor every conceivable logistics condition. In all, 120,000 units are already in active use across the world. Combined with our user-friendly and easy-to-integrate telematics portal, it enables you to take full advantage of the most versatile system for efficient control and tracking of your vehicle fleet, logistics objects, and other assets.

Blue container with tracking device

mecSOLAR® transforms your objects into smart assets, enhancing resource allocation, customer satisfaction, and service quality: 

  • Advanced solar-powered tracking technology: Ensure uninterrupted visibility into the movements of non-powered objects with our sustainable and self-sufficient solar-powered tracking solution. 
  • Real-time operational optimization: Implement real-time scheduling, downtime analyses, and delay warnings with our ETA-monitoring feature and achieve operational efficiency through automatic entry, exit, and sensor alarms. 
  • Intelligent cargo management: Identify and manage cargo seamlessly with our intelligent sensor tags that collect data (e.g., temperature, humidity, shock, door open/closed) for comprehensive insights and analytics. 
  • Long-term reliability: Benefit from robust device design, ensuring a typical lifetime of over 10 years and protection against damage, stone impact, and vandalism. 
  • Precision in logistics management: Achieve exact loading dock identification and information to streamline operations and enhance overall logistics precision. 



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Using a single, secure, multimodal supply chain

Revolutionize logistics with our IoT solutions, ensuring seamless, secure, and eco-conscious asset tracking from manufacturer to customer.

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