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IoT security on the highest level for enterprise and consumer IoT

With every new application of the IoT, device manufacturers and other IoT companies are expected to deliver new and innovative services with better, faster, and sleeker features. And, does it need to be repeated? At the same time, increasingly complex security requirements need to be met. The Internet of Things is becoming more present in our daily lives. New applications and developments such as smart cities, autonomous cars, Industrial networks, and products as a service (PaaS) capture our attention today. Everywhere, sensors and remote-controlled systems are becoming standard. Ensuring the security of the data being transferred back and forth is essential, even business critical. All of this is apparent. But the demands on Internet of Things are often inherently contradictory.

In addition to the call for security, fierce price competition drives the optimization of processes and costs. A seamlessly simple customer experience belies the need for a complex security solution. Secure and convenient-to-use connected devices are indispensable to nurturing consumer trust. Data-sensitive services, such as payment, identification, access, and transport, are essential. Robust, easy-to-manage device security that enriches the customer experience is a strong selling point that can be leveraged to differentiate oneself from the competition. Mobile operators can securely manage the lifecycle of cellular subscriptions with our proven and future-proof eSIM Management solution that addresses the consumer, enterprise, and IoT markets. But don’t just take our word for it. Our innovative solutions are regularly awarded by renowned IoT security experts.

Sustainability requires trust. For a sustainable IoT, we need to ensure that connected devices and the data they transmit can be trusted.

Dr. Philipp Schulte, CEO of G+D Mobile Security

IoT Security Suite for all enterprise use cases

The Internet of Things differs according to the whether the application is for a consumer or enterprise environment. User-centric consumer applications focus mainly on connected devices with an interface, such as tablets or smartphones. Enterprise IoT applications, on the other hand, run on devices that for the most part are headless, that is, have no monitor or other display. They are designed to be data-centric, such as sensors.

The G+D IoT Security Suite protects data generated from IoT devices. The suite supports cellular and non-cellular devices. Its core services are IoT Safe, IoT Protect, and SIGNiT®. The platform covers both the backend and SIM software. It enables mobile operators to offer a consolidated toolbox to OEMs and enterprises. They, in turn, are able to manage SIMs and other devices over the entire lifecycle – from manufacturing and activation, to managing subscriptions and policies, all the way to deactivation.

Infographic about end-to-end IoT security solutions for cellular connected devices with SIM, eSIM, and iSIM

IoT Safe

Companies build IoT solutions for the marketplace, and these devices connect to cloud platforms. The credentials, however, are mostly stored within the application processor memory. This makes them an easy target for attacks. Our IoT Safe protects against threats and provides cybersecurity by adding a secure element (a SIM card) to the IoT device. It is equipped with an applet that assists with the authentication to the cloud provider. In addition, our offering includes a credential manager that controls and replaces factory credentials. We also offer a device toolkit that provides documentation, which includes the sample code that is used to assist the IoT device developer in securing the communication between the IoT device app and the SIM applet.

IoT Protect

The overall functionality of IoT Protect is to provide an end-to-end encryption/decryption mechanism for IoT applications. Information is transmitted securely between the IoT device and the backend, independent of the communication channel (broadband, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, etc.). Common applications for IoT Protect are those in which data transfer is low, which is typical for low-end and battery-powered IoT devices.

Badge from Juniper Research, Award for Best IoT Security Platform

Juniper Research recognizes G+D’s IoT Security Suite platform as a great tool for operators to enable SIM management and IoT lifecycles. The enhanced security for devices in IoT networks is enabled by cryptographic processes of its IoT Protect service. It provides significant protection for IoT applications that can be targets for attacks.

SIM cards used by mobile network operators to authenticate phones can also be utilized to secure IoT services (SIS) and protect vulnerabilities. A SIM card can provide a secure root of trust to provision and store digital certificates and other kinds of security credentials, such as passwords. These credentials can be used to identify and authenticate an IoT device, allowing it to interact with a server-side application or IoT platform as well encrypt data exchanged. A mobile operator can use its existing provisioning infrastructure as a secure channel through which to cost-effectively install, validate, and update the security credentials safely housed on SIM cards. We can add the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate or other credentials to the SIM card over the air and secure device identity throughout the device lifecycle.


SIGNiT® is the solution that provides data integrity for multi-party IoT ecosystems. It helps sign every packet of IoT data generated so that they can be verified in the future – starting directly at the source: the IoT sensor. Digital signatures for its data are provided by either the SIM or eSIM.

Juniper Research: Platinum Winner, Best Mobile Identity Solution, Telco Innovation Awards 2022

Juniper Research has awarded SIGNiT® from G+D as an innovative solution to combine secure and proven SIM environments with blockchain technology. It allows to easily digitalize and secure processes in a decentralized ecosystem while providing IoT users with comprehensive and robust security for data generated by IoT devices. The solution has already been successfully implemented in commercial environments, and Juniper Research expects SIGNiT® to have further positive impacts in other IoT sectors, such as logistics, agriculture, energy and the automotive industry.


A recent example: SIGNiT® enables Lufthansa Industry Solutions to ensure that IoT data is 100 percent trustworthy – featuring G+D's awarded security technology and an innovative blockchain by Cologne-based start-up Ubirch. Ubirch has developed a trust protocol, which ensures that data from IoT sensors can’t be falsified after they are generated. The data packets of these sensors are sealed with strong cryptography in a way that it becomes technically impossible to manipulate them once stored in a blockchain. This combination of offering blockchain on a SIM is unique and the first of its kind.

Honored as IoT Global Awards 2022 Winner
G+D receives the IoT Global Award in the category ‘Ecosystem of the Year’ for its innovative solution SIGNiT®

OEM security suite for all consumer use cases

We offer applications based on SIM, eSIM, and eSE technology that enable security-related services. They are used in mobile phone-based payment systems as well as in digital car key as well as transit solutions. A typical function, for example, is key storage for authentication, data signing, or de-encryption. These smart card applications run in the background to support apps used on mobile phones.

Digital access solutions – Digital Car Key (DCK)

Identification and authentication via mobile phone is growing in demand in many countries. Electronic identification helps your clients offer convenient digital services. We support you in enabling this technology at the forefront of development. Our Digital Car Key application enables you to provide convenient digital key services. It includes features such as door opening, starting the engine via mobile phone, or temporarily sharing the key with someone else. Digital Car Key is a part of a full end-to-end functional enablement and security management service.

Mobile ticketing

Mobile ticketing use today is state of the art. More and more travelers and commuters rely on flexible, mobile solutions that include smartphones or wearables. Operators, of course, are expected to react with corresponding technology. Solutions to address the challenges of the rapidly growing demand for mobility products are available. G+D provides mobile ticketing solutions for greater passenger and operator convenience, without compromising security.

Mobile payment

Convenience is king, right? Today, payment solutions are an expression of a better lifestyle. Although smartphones and apps are widely used for paying, consumers also want to pay contactlessly using wearables and other near-field communication (NFC) payment solutions. Here too, mobile payment needs to be just as secure as Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) cards. Our products help you satisfy this demand.

MIFARE® mobile solutions

Smartphones that are enabled with near-field communication (NFC) are compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructure, which is used most extensively in transit applications and can also be utilized as smart card replacements. To use, passengers simply tap their smartphones against a MIFARE® reader in the same way they would tap a MIFARE® smart card against a gate reader or payment terminal.

FeliCa mobile technology

FeliCa is a technology widely deployed across Asia, particularly in Hong Kong and Singapore. In Japan, moreover, it is the de-facto standard. FeliCa has high-speed capability, which is crucial for transit networks with very high passenger throughputs. In addition to transit applications, FeliCa is used extensively for e-money and mobile payment, access management, customer loyalty programs, and event ticketing.

Electronic identity (eID)

Identification and authentication via mobile phone is growing in demand in many countries. Electronic identification helps your clients offer convenient digital services. We support you in enabling this technology at the forefront of development.


Info brochure

Cover of the info brochure SIGNiT
SIGNiT® uses blockchain technology to ensure data integrity

SIGNiT® provides data reliability in an IoT ecosystem where multiple parties must rely of the data. It ensures there is no possibility of data manipulation or deletion by storing digital signatures of the data in a public blockchain. Read more about our solution in our info brochure.

Case study

Cover of the case study BayWa
Food tracking with BayWa Global Produce

To ensure the best quality of apples and the end-to-end tracking of the fruit transport from Antwerp in Belgium to Kressbronn in Germany, BayWa Global Produce has chosen to implement a solution along with G+D.

Case study

Preview of the Lufthansa Case Study
Data integrity for the logistics industry

Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND) offers its customers secure, blockchain-enabled damage detection powered by our SIGNiT® solution. In our case study, you'll learn how Lufthansa ensures the integrity of IoT data in its logistics platform.

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We connect the IoT and provide security for data and devices

G+D solutions connect, manage, and secure IoT. We have been offering safe, robust products for enterprises operating networked devices in the world of IoT since the start.

Cellular IoT connectivity solutions from G+D

IoT connectivity

Connectivity in IoT devices is all about embedded solutions, which require all embedded parts to be timed and interlinked from the very start.

IoT management solution from G+D

IoT management

To enable secure device management and over-the-air updates, you need a reliable enterprise infrastructure.

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