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Health Card Application Management System

Our Card Application Management System (CAMS) is a high-performance backend with 24/7 data center availability. From initial personalization to return of the card, CAMS is an end-to-end solution for the entire smart card lifecycle. Building on comprehensive and innovative security architecture, the platform consists of physical components, such as cards, kiosks, card readers, and servers. The platform is modular, convenient and secure. It protects identities in the healthcare ecosystem and lets you monitor card usage and update content.


CAMS provides a wide range of features and functions to manage and control chip cards during their complete lifecycle:

  • Comprises the card management system, data preparation, application management, post-issuance personalization, and key management
  • Ensures compatibility with multiple tenants and cards for a wide range of purposes
  • Allows post-issuance updates of health card applications as well as installation of new applications
  • Limits access to stored data to authorized holders of a Health Professional Card
  • Offers secure exchange of information via the latest encryption technologies

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A man in protective medical clothing operates a computer-simulated medical application

Health solutions

Our healthcare offering empowers the industry to plan its core strategic business – for today and the future. We provide unique, end-to-end configurations encompassing certification, production, and development at all levels of the healthcare ecosystem. Most importantly, our solutions are extremely safe and easy to handle.

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Health card

Smart health cards help manage identities and offer practitioners and pharmacists secure access to patients’ medical records. What’s more, our smart card technology supports the health industry’s measures to cut costs and improve care.

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