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Elevate your e-commerce experience through Network Tokenization

More security, more convenience, and even more conversions for your e-commerce business.

A frustrating or complex checkout experience has a definite impact on successful eCommerce transactions - often leading to abandoned carts. One way retailers have attempted to alleviate this concern is to offer Card-on-File – where payment card details are retained for future or recurring purchases. However, the implementation used for card-on-file can lead to security and customer experience concerns: 

  • Cards become expired, lost, or stolen, making Card-on-File details outdated. 
  • Issuers may consider card payments fraudulent, leading to a declined transaction. 

As a result, the customer must re-authenticate or re-identify, making the transaction more complex and potentially leading to cart abandonment. This less-than-optimal experience directly impacts the sale. 

What is Network Tokenization? Your invisible e-commerce shield

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Network Tokenization enables card data that a merchant usually holds on their systems to be replaced with a unique, merchant-specific token. Using tokens, the actual card data is not transmitted or stored, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to cardholder information. For a seamless e-commerce experience, leveraging network tokenization allows you to offer your customers a seamless checkout experience while keeping their payments secure and avoiding card-on-file pitfalls.

eCOM Tokenizer, from G+D and our trusted digital solutions business Netcetera, is a solution supercharged with Network Tokenization that enables you to redefine everyday e-commerce.

This holistic solution boosts the e-commerce business for merchants and PSPs by combining the highest levels of security with a seamless customer experience.

Benefits every player in the payment ecosystem:

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Achieve higher revenue and enhance customer satisfaction:

  • Automatically update payment card credentials to facilitate a frictionless payment process.
  • Encourage much higher approval rates by schemes.
  • Reduce the risk of data leaks and fraud as merchants no longer store personal payment data.
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Experience an uplift in merchant authorization rates and higher revenue:

  • Enables additional end-to-end security.
  • Reduces the need for PCI certification.
  • Higher scheme approval and automatically updated payment credentials for improved conversion and enhanced consumer trust.
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Ensures consumers pay their favorite merchants using your card:

  • Retain that coveted top-of-wallet status.
  • There is no need for cardholders to update their details with a merchant.
  • Reduced fraud risk means fewer cards must be replaced from the issuers’ side.
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Frictionless payment experience for card-on-file payments: 

  • Visual card representation on the merchant’s payment pages increases trust.
  • Reduces declined transactions resulting from outdated card details.
  • No need for customers to update their card details after expiry or reissue.
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Our partnership with G+D allows us to go one step further and create an intelligent network tokenization solution compatible with all card schemes, allowing for seamless data exchange and scales flexibly.

John Lunn, Founder and CEO of Gr4vy

eCOM Tokenizer in a nutshell

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Scalable and scheme-agnostic

A single harmonized API that provides access to the tokenization services of multiple schemes. This solution speeds up time-to-market and drastically reduces complexity.

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Automatic implementation of scheme updates reduces overall maintenance efforts.

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Reinvent the online checkout experience by offering value-added services like Click-to-Pay for your guest checkout.


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Platinum Award:
Payment Tokenization Solution

Fintech & Payments Awards 2023

Juniper Awards logo

Platinum Award:
Payment Tokenization Solution

Fintech & Payments Awards 2022

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