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Elevate your mobile banking experience with Convego® Token Cockpit

Enhance the capabilities of mobile wallets by empowering customers with visibility and control over their digital payment credentials.

As e-commerce continues its exponential rise, more consumers are storing their digital payment credentials with their most frequently visited retailers. Despite the convenience of card-on-file transactions for recurring payments, many consumers have security concerns, experience checkout friction, or lose track of where their payment credentials are stored

This presents an opportunity for card issuers to enhance their mobile wallet with easy-to-use tools for consumers to view and manage their digital payment credentials – and, in the process, gain the much-coveted digital top-of-wallet. 

Convego® Token Cockpit: A one-stop hub for digital payment credentials

With such a capability, banks and other card issuers can provide their customers with a token management tool that can be, integrated into a mobile banking app, effectively empowering the consumer to use their mobile app as a remote control for payment cards.

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For customers

  • Create transparency and trust: The one-stop hub for a consumer’s digital payment credentials that provides transparency on where these credentials are utilized and their associated transactions. Hence, instilling further trust in digital payments. 
  • Foster convenience: Your customers can effortlessly push cards, from a list that is always up to date, into their favorite merchants, OEM wallets, and Click to Pay service.
  • Enable control: Consumers can create, or optionally, suspend and revoke payment tokens creating further ease and security in the payments ecosystem.  

For issuers

  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction: As customers are able to manage their tokenization activities, the frequency of interaction with the issuer – and the issuer’s trust profile – is boosted. This positive consumer interaction strengthens   brand engagement. 
  • Stimulate new business model opportunities: Offering a one-stop central hub for consumers’ digital payment credentials, opens up new propositions such as merchant and loyalty offers.  
  • Enable self-service and deliver cost savings: As customers are able to carry out specific tasks on their own (such as creating a new token for a service they need or temporarily suspending a token for a service no longer required), the workload on the issuer’s customer care services can be reduced. 

Creating a compelling mobile wallet experience enables banks to remain at the core of their consumers’ digital universe and stand out in the competitive mobile wallet market. 

Why G+D‘s solution? 

  • Faster time to market with a trusted partner: Achieve substantial cost and time savings by taking advantage of our fast deployment methodology, experience, global footprint together, and strong relationships with both global and domestic payment schemes.    
  • Reduced maintenance and cost-efficiency: The requirement of scheme updates is handled by G+D reduces overall maintenance efforts on card issuers, allowing them to focus on customer experience.  Available on both Android and iOS.
  • Security: We live and breathe security and this reflects in our solutions to create confidence in the payment ecosystem.

Key moments turn customers into fans

award seal consumer banking winner 2023

Two decades ago, the concept of checking your bank balance online was revolutionary; today, it's about transforming your mobile device into a remote control for managing your digital payment credentials.

Our solution, Convego® Token Cockpit, emerged victorious in the FF Awards within the consumer banking category, showcasing its ability to elevate the mobile banking experience for today's consumers.


G+D Token Cockpit infographic

Stay top-of-the-digital wallet

Imagine the convenience of turning a mobile device into a controller for all payment cards across all digital channels. With full self-service capabilities, your customers will have the visibility and control they crave.

Get your copy of the Infographic today and explore how to take your mobile banking experience to the next level.

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