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3-D Secure ensures a smooth and reliable online payment journey – every time.

When it comes to payments, customer expectations are clear. They seek a secure online purchasing journey without redirects, effortless payments completed without friction, and a superior online shopping experience.
We can cater to your customers’ rising expectations and transform your online transactions — making them as secure, quick, and convenient as in-store purchases.

How it works: Compliance to conversion to happy customers

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Enable seamless and secure online payments with EMV® 3-D Secure, powered by our software division Netcetera, and elevate your customer experience. Our solution guarantees to shield your business from fraud and chargebacks, all while reducing your cart abandonment rate.

Benefits for Merchants, PSPs, and Payment Gateways

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Reduced cart abandonment

Say goodbye to the industry average cart abandonment rate of 70% and welcome a higher approval rate. 

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Enhanced risk assessment

With 10 times more data points exchanged and utilized for transaction risk assessment, expect better fraud prevention and risk reduction. 

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Transaction speed

Enjoy up to 85% faster transaction times, ensuring lightning-fast checkouts and happier customers. 

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Optimized revenue streams

EMV® 3-D Secure, reducing the risks associated with non-authenticated transactions, refunds, and lost revenue, you can maximize your revenue. 

Why choose us as your perfect payment partner?

Superfast rollout 

Experience a swift implementation in just 2 to 4 weeks, thanks to our agile and efficient approach. 

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Industry pioneers 

We have consistently been at the forefront of implementing new EMV® 3-D Secure specifications. 

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Proven track record

With 10+ years of serving 80+ acquirers/PSPs, 200K+ merchants, and processing 36 Mn+ transactions per month, we provide unparalleled expertise. 

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Strategic advisors 

Netcetera’s involvement on the board of EMVCo positions us as trusted strategic and business advisors, ensuring we stay ahead of industry trends. 

Effortless and secure transactions with biometric authentication

Many authentication mechanisms, such as one-time passwords, cause unnecessary complexity at checkout and are vulnerable to phishing attacks. 

Biometric authentication has a profound impact on e-commerce by removing the friction from online checkout processes and maintaining high levels of security. The result is an intuitive and consistent user experience, building on the growing acceptance of biometrics in the consumer market. This approach enhances consumer engagement, decreases fraud and operational costs, and meets regulatory requirements for strong two-factor authentication in various markets. It's a win-win, providing increased revenue while addressing key industry challenges. 

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Market leaders

Our EMV® 3-D Secure solution is the first EMVCo-approved product released in Europe, and the second globally. We are completely compliant with both the EMV® 3DS 2.x protocol and the scheme’s EMV® 3DS 2.x programs.
Join forces with us to deliver an exceptional online payment experience.

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