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G+D Wearables

A perfect match for today’s digitally connected lifestyle

The idea of enabling passive wearables has everything to do with the fast pace of payments, swift access, and keeping up with the consumers’ freedom of choice.

In this fast-paced digital world, people love freedom, gadgets, security, and convenience.  G+D Wearables ticks all the boxes of contactless experiences perfectly.

Whether you're a wearable maker, event organizer, transit company, or bank, offering a variety of wearable solutions that adapt to people's evolving requirements and more digitally linked lifestyles is a great way to show that you care about them.

Our comprehensive portfolio offers a wide range of personalization possibilities while enhancing convenience and security. Thus, G+D wearables transform your consumers' everyday life while also boosting your brand as a whole.

G+D Wristband

Contactless, customizable and convenient

G+D wristbands in different colours

In the span of a few decades, contactless experiences have gone from being rare to standard practice. Consumers across the globe seek ever-increasing convenience and security. With our G+D wristband, you can provide a secure and innovative contactless experience that enables you to pay swiftly and access smoothly with a just tap of your wrist. 


G+D MicroTag

The evolution of the payment card

MicroTag makes every transaction effortless, providing full payment card functionality in an ultra-compact form factor. It slips effortlessly into its own silicone cover – in a choice of vivid colors – or a wristband, or even your own innovative creation.

A G+D MicroTag with a green cover

With custom design and your own creativity, it can be integrated into almost any everyday object: a piece of clothing, an item of jewelry, or even a child’s teddy bear at the fairground. There’s no limit to its potential – because there are no limits to where a customer may need a payment option.

Download the brochure and explore how MicroTag packs full-featured payment card functionality into a wearable-friendly form factor barely larger than a small coin.

G+D FlexiTag

A flexible solution for enabling contactless experiences.

People demand frictionless experiences with nearly any accessory imaginable, and they're looking for new and creative methods to accomplish these goals. FlexiTag is thin yet robust, small yet powerful, and a perfect match for today’s fast-changing and digitally connected lifestyle. 

Crafted to be inserted into manufacturer’s final device, fitting most standard-size straps and bands. 

An analog wristwatch with the G+D FlexiTag on the strap

It provides a ready-to-use contactless experience by effortlessly integrating with a wide range of form factors. And the customer gains all these advantages without being able to feel the technology, making the device an integral part of their lifestyle.

Download the brochure to learn how FlexiTag provides a ready-to-use contactless experience by seamlessly transforming into a range of form factors.

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Juniper Research awarded our wearable enablement solution with its Platinum Award, singling it out as an IoT Payment Innovation. Its main success factor is the agnostic way for OEMs to secure convenient payment, regardless the device form factor.

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