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Our goals and vision in purchasing

Our top priority in purchasing at G+D is to supply all locations with the required goods (direct and indirect goods and services) in the best quality, at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right price and in the right place, always taking sustainability into account. We are therefore responsible for the fulfillment of the entire procurement process and ensure that all business processes run smoothly.

At G+D, our procurement team is seen as a strategic success factor and value-adding partner that drives price optimization, growth and innovation. We follow a few basic principles: Quality, reliability, safety of our suppliers, sustainability and partnership-based supplier relationships.

In the area of sustainability, we attach great importance to conserving natural resources and protecting the environment by integrating sustainable principles into our purchasing processes. To ensure maximum efficiency and quality, we use first-class processes and rely on digital tools and state-of-the-art methods. Another central aspect of our procurement strategy is the creation of long-term, partnership-based relationships with our key suppliers. We are convinced that close cooperation and trust form the basis for sustainable success.


G+D is active in the three business areas of Digital Security, Financial Platforms and Currency Technology and holds a leading competitive and technological position in these segments. Therefore the purchasing department is responsible for the expansion of this position with a professional organization, a coordinated strategy and optimal processes.

Product groups

The product groups and procurement objects differ in the individual core areas. The most important procurement objects in G+D's procurement include the following examples: 

  • Digital Security: hardware and software
  • Financial Platforms: semiconductors, special machine construction, inlays, card bodies
  • Currency Technology: cotton combs, paints and varnishes, films, special machine construction

Sustainability and responsibility in purchasing

Guidelines and standards

The Giesecke+Devrient Group is aware of its corporate responsibility and actively promotes sustainable development in the environmental and social areas. G+D applies strict environmental, human rights and governance standards in its supply chain that comply with all relevant national and international regulations. These principles, standards and regulations form the basis for the G+D Supplier Code of Conduct, and G+D expects its suppliers to comply with them and to take appropriate measures towards their subcontractors. Building on this, G+D pursues an ESG strategy in the areas of environment, social and governance (ESG), which is an important criterion for cooperation with existing and new G+D suppliers. Our procurement team is committed to working with certified and diverse suppliers and constantly expanding the network.

Purchasing 4.0

Supplier Management Portal

The Supplier Management Portal (SMP) is a platform that was launched as part of the Purchasing 4.0 initiative based on ivalua's technology. This platform plays a fundamental role in the digitalization of supplier and procurement processes and promotes transparent online communication between buyers and suppliers. It covers the following three areas:

  1. Supplier management (supplier qualification and portal)
  2. Tenders and auctions (eSourcing and eAuctions) 
  3. Contract management

Our supplier portal also enables master data maintenance, contact and certificate management, online contract overview for suppliers and the participation in online tenders (eSourcing) and digital auctions (eAuctions). The G+D Supplier Management Portal offers our suppliers numerous advantages. These include transparent communication, fast process handling, efficient working methods and an overall improved collaboration.

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