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Chinese automaker Changan sells new SUV model with digital car key solution from G+D Mobile Security

22/10/2019 Munich Giesecke+Devrient

The Chinese automotive brand Changan Automobile released its CS75PLUS model at the Chengdu Motor Show in September 2019. One month after the launch date, the sales volume of CS75PLUS exceeded 20,000, and the sales orders have exceeded 30,000. One of many attractive features and technologies in this new model is the smart digital car key, a result of the close work of G+D Mobile Security and Changan. G+D provides the required technologies, solutions and services.

The new model is well powered with advanced technologies and also targeting young consumers with its eye-catching look. As a result, CS75PLUS received a lot attention from the market and is proven by its sales performance. One of the most significant technical innovations is the keyless access based on the DCK (Digital Car Key) service from G+D Mobile Security. This service includes security architectures, technologies and services for the entire lifecycle of a digital vehicle key solution.

With G+D's solution, Changan CS75PLUS enables car owners to use their smartphones as digital car keys powered by BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. Through this, the need for a physical car key is eliminated. They can also share the digital key quickly and easily with family or friends and authorize them to use the car.

The digital vehicle key solution from G+D Mobile Security includes the components DCK Server, eSE (embedded Secure Element), CyWall and TSM (Trusted Service Management):

  • DCK Management Server: complete lifecycle management of the digital vehicle key, including application, generation and distribution of the digital vehicle key and vehicle owner authentication;
  • eSE in the vehicle: secure storage of keys, certificates and confidential data; protection of the connection between service platform and mobile device; verification of authentication protocols and commands;
  • Mobile Security Framework CyWall: secure management of mobile apps; protected storage of digital keys and certificates using cryptographic methods; securing the connection between service platform and vehicle;
  • TSM system: dynamic and secure remote maintenance and management of applets, keys and certificates in the vehicle eSE "over-the-air".

“CS75PLUS stands for future travel and lifestyle trends. Changan Automobile brand counts 17 million users and is keen to create value with advanced technologies. CS75PLUS brings good value to the future car owners – the right combination of intelligence, power and safety. This makes CS75PLUS a good option for younger consumers“, strengthened Dr Yi Gang, Project Director of Icar platform development, Senior Manager at Changan Automobile Intelligence Research Center. “We prefer G+D as the cooperating partner in digital car key based on their successful project experience in the market, especially the practical case experience in the Chinese market.”

"The digital vehicle key is en vogue, but the management of cyber risks will be decisive for the widespread use and a resounding success. Here, G+D Mobile Security is ideally positioned with its range of end-to-end security architecture," explains Alois Kliner, Divisional Head Digital Enterprise Security at G+D Mobile Security. "We are pleased that with Changan another car manufacturer has chosen us as its solution and service partner.”
G+D Mobile Security's technologies, solutions and services for digital vehicle keys are designed for the global market. Several vehicle OEMs in China are already using G+D's DCK solution.

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