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eSIM management sets new standards for the automotive industry

18/10/2016 Munich Giesecke+Devrient

Munich, October 18, 2016. Giesecke & Devrient is now supporting the BMW Group in the further digitization of the vehicle as a "Trusted eSIM Management Partner". BMW vehicles containing the G&D system solution for the Group's "Connected Drive Services" have been in production since July.

G&D is supplying the German premium manufacturer BMW Group with eSIM management solutions for its "Connected Drive Services". The new generation of SIM cards is no longer tied to a specific country or mobile network operator. Instead of installing various SIM cards in the communications electronics of every vehicle, the G&D solution offers the flexibility of supporting multiple countries and mobile network operators with a single SIM.

"The project is a huge step for G&D as a trusted partner to the automotive industry," says Stefan Auerbach, Member of the Giesecke & Devrient Management Board. "Thanks to eSIM management, G&D is in a position to fulfill the challenging, dynamic requirements of the automotive industry."

The eSIM management system is based on a secure virtual identity that is only activated after the vehicle is shipped. Instead of inserting a "plug-in SIM card" in the car's infotainment system somewhere behind the dashboard, as was previously the case, the SIM is now securely soldered into the vehicle's communications electronics in the form of an M2M SIM module. However, constant roaming is illegal in many countries; instead, local subscriptions are required. G&D's eSIM management solution allows a local subscription to be downloaded if required. The profile data is downloaded to the M2M SIM via a highly secure connection, then installed and activated.

Vehicles with permanently installed SIMs are supported for a 15-year period. The subscriptions for the SIM module are flexible and can be changed throughout its entire lifecycle via the over-the-air interface. G&D's world-leading eSIM management solution also comes into play at this point. The system allows a change of mobile network operator to be implemented for all cars within a fleet after the contract with the original mobile network operator has expired. The complete solution for BMW Group is being supplied by G&D as a managed service. As part of the service, the company takes on the responsibilities of the subscription manager, generating the subscription, ensuring secure download and monitoring the quality of the service.

"At G&D, we are proud to have mastered BMW's visionary requirements. Our expertise and portfolio in the area of secure communications and the secure control of mobile devices makes us an ideal partner for "Connected Car Services" all over the world," says Stefan Auerbach. In order to win the contract for this project, G&D had to demonstrate its technological leadership in the field of eSIM management solutions through a highly challenging proof of concept process in collaboration with multiple mobile network operators. The proof of concept it delivered with four different mobile network operators within a very short time was decisive in securing G&D's success. The company's two years of educational work in the area of eSIM management technology and the provision of concrete evidence of its prowess in the field were two additional, important milestones in securing G&D the contract.

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