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G+D Currency Technology with focus on new security features and intelligent automation at the Banknote Conference

21/05/2018 Munich Giesecke+Devrient

Munich, May 21, 2018 – Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology presents the company's solution and product portfolio with a specific focus on new security features as well as intelligent automation in the cash cycle at the Banknote Conference 2018 in Dallas, Texas.

The title of the key note by G+D Currency Technology’s CEO, Dr. Wolfram Seidemann is ‘Managing currencies for a world in transition’. “New technologies are rapidly gaining ground in every domain of our lives, from smart houses, to smart cars, watches, phones, smart payments”, Seidemann said. “This has a double impact on our business: we can use the drawbacks of digitalization to highlight the advantages of cash, such as protection of data and privacy or the absence of a commercial agenda. Beyond cash as such, we are partners for central and commercial banks when it comes to digitalization in the cash ecosystem and the cash cycle. We also advise central banks on digital currencies and support them in efficiently managing their cash cycle.”

Seidemann went on to explicate that cash, this analogue form of payment, was still being used daily for approximately 80% of all transactions globally, “because people all over the world place their trust in cash.” This trust in cash was based on many factors – global acceptance, independence of any infrastructure and unrestricted access – but also on security. “Payment and security are interdependent. All forms of payment, mobile, digital and analogue, must be secure if they are to gain public acceptance. Banknotes are therefore designed around a complex security architecture with corresponding features being visibly and invisibly embedded.”

The most recent developments in security features can be seen on the new specimen note, the Iceberg Note by Louisenthal, a 100% subsidiary of G+D Currency Technology. The Iceberg Note comes in three different variations. Besides being equipped with a multitone and highlight watermark, each note displays either the three-dimensional Galaxy® security thread with a new flip effect, or the varifeye® ColourChange strip and RollingStar® security thread, or the new security feature by Louisenthal, the varifeye® ColourChange Patch combined with a RollingStar® security thread.

Louisenthal’s ColourChange Patch combines thin-film and micro-mirror technologies, thus creating an especially intense colour shift from gold to blue both in the windows on the front and on the back side. Ambient light is reflected almost in its entirety, allowing also inexperienced observers to recognize the security features easily even in poor light. All security and print features are closely linked to each other and support the storytelling, the arctic theme, on the note through their nautical motifs. For Seidemann, “the note sets new standards in design integration and represents a new level of design competence.” Intelligent automation, making the cash cycle more efficient, is the second theme being s

howcased at the Banknote Conference. Seidemann: “Keeping cash competitive also means helping banks to increase security by reducing manual handling and to cut costs by designing optimal processes and workflows. Data analytics allows us to do a comprehensive cash cycle analysis, thus anticipating future requirements in the cash infrastructure. Our cash management solutions and services enable banks to keep up the quality and integrity of currency in circulation and maintain cost-effective operations.”


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