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G+D Green LongLife™ recognized with IACA award for “Best Banknote Feature”

17/05/2024 Munich/Fort Worth, Texas Giesecke+Devrient

Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) is setting new standards in terms of sustainability in the cash cycle with its Green LongLife™ banknote paper. The IACA (International Association of Currency Affairs) has now honored the innovative substrate with the prestigious IACA Award in the "Best New Banknote Feature" category.

The IACA is one of the largest associations within the cash industry and has been presenting the Excellence in Currency Awards since 2007. The awards recognize special achievements in the production, processing, and distribution of banknotes and coins. At this year's awards ceremony at the Banknote Conference in Fort Worth, USA, on May 15, the jury selected G+D's sustainable banknote substrate Green LongLife™ as the best new banknote feature. 

G+D was also a finalist in two other categories. The G+D Banknote Fiber Extractor advanced to the final round of the "Best New Cash Cycle Innovation" category and the Kazakhstan 10,000 Tenge note equipped with G+D security technology was nominated for the "Best Commemorative Banknote".

The durable banknote substrate GreenLongLife is based on sustainable, renewable raw materials such as certified organic cotton and sugar cane, which serves as the basis for one component of the dirt-repellent coating. The bio-based carbon content of the note is over 85%. The security threads and foils are made from 70% recycled polyester. This approach enables Louisenthal, a subsidiary of the G+D Group, to reduce the proportion of plastic and mineral oil-based inks in the banknote, while also lowering CO2 emissions and doubling the lifespan compared to a standard banknote.

The integrated security stripe of the Green LongLife™ sample note already received the "Excellence in Holography" award last year. G+D thus impressively demonstrates that sustainability and security can be perfectly combined. When it comes to counterfeit protection, there are no compromises. All security features at levels L1 to L3 are compatible and can be integrated into the Green LongLife™ note. Another important aspect is the great freedom of design when it comes to individualization.

"The Green LongLife™ banknote is a significant step forward in our mission to promote environmentally friendly processes and long-lasting products," states Clemens Berger, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Louisenthal. “The IACA award is further proof of our commitment and shows that we can successfully combine market needs with sustainability requirements through our innovative approach.”

Picture of a green banknote with image of a hand touching a pink lotus flower on it
The sustainable banknote substrate Green LongLife™ from G+D has been recognized with the IACA Award for "Best New Banknote Feature.“

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