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G+D Mobile Security and M2MD Technologies, Inc. to showcase next generation automotive security access solutions at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

02/01/2018 Dulles, VA (USA) Giesecke+Devrient

Dulles, VA (USA), January 2, 2018— G+D Mobile Security, a global leader in identity management security solutions, and M2MD Technologies, Inc., an innovator in secure, faster, and efficient connected automotive solutions, are collaborating to further secure mobile access to vehicles.

The M2MD Communications Gateway, launched in January 2017, allows automakers to quickly connect to the vehicle over cellular networks, execute remote commands more rapidly, and reduce vehicle data costs and power consumption. At CES 2018, G+D Mobile Security and M2MD will demo the Communications Gateway and the new Mobile Key solution that authenticates vehicle drivers and enables vehicle functions, such as unlock and start, from a smartphone application.

The demand for flexible, secure mobile access to our cars is expanding thanks to shifting consumer preferences, increasing interest in car sharing and developing autonomous vehicle technologies. The Mobile Key application is convenient to set up and use with an intuitive enrollment process and no username/password authentication requirement. 

Mobile Key’s security is based on symmetric cryptography, certified hardware key storage and supports an additional layer of protection where the app can be provisioned and monitored with G+D’s Trusted Application Kit to ensure its integrity. The Mobile Key smartphone app is available for iOS and Android® operating systems, works online and offline, and does not require changes to vehicle hardware. The solution incorporates proximity detection to confirm the connected smartphone is inside the vehicle to mitigate access via relay devices.

“M2MD brings decades of telematics experience and technology development to our solutions,” says Chuck Link, President and CTO, M2MD Technologies, Inc. “G+D Mobile Security’s industry leading hardware security offerings in the automotive industry make G+D Mobile Security the natural alliance partner for us to bring the most secure and efficient solutions to the connected automotive market.”

“As a global leader in secure connectivity, G+D Mobile Security is pleased to be furthering our relationship with M2MD to bring the highest levels of security to mobile automotive telematics applications,” says Alois Kliner, Division Head of Cyber Security Solutions at G+D Mobile Security. “The ability to securely access our cars from our smartphones is a game-changer for the automotive OEMs and their customers. We believe this solution successfully addresses a number of issues which have not been addressed by other approaches.”

About G+D Mobile Security

G+D Mobile Security is a global mobile security technology company headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company is part of the Giesecke+Devrient group. G+D Mobile Security has a workforce of 5,800 employees and generated sales of approximately EUR 860 m in the 2016 fiscal year. More than 50 sales and partner offices as well as 20+ certified production and personalization sites and data centers ensure customer proximity worldwide.

G+D Mobile Security manages and secures billions of digital identities throughout their entire life cycle. Our products and solutions are used by commercial banks, mobile network operators, car and mobile device manufacturers, business enterprises, transit authorities and health insurances and their customers every day to secure payment, communication and device-to-device interaction.

About M2MD Technologies, Inc.

M2MD Technologies, Inc. (www.m2mdtech.com) is building solutions optimized for cellular IoT that provide stronger security, reduced costs, enhanced user experience and ultimately generates higher returns for stakeholders. Centered on a core platform of security offerings, the company develops and manages various solutions that accelerate connections to the vehicles, allow consumers to leverage their shared data plan for automotive applications and ultimately simplify the customer experience. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

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