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Issuance of new ePassports in Denmark on schedule

30/05/2022 Berlin Veridos

Despite ongoing global supply chain challenges and shortages of raw materials, the Kingdom of Denmark has started issuing its new electronic passports on schedule. The security-optimized travel documents are produced and personalized by Veridos, a leading global provider of identity solutions, and Danish ID specialist idpeople.

Citizens of Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands who apply for passports will receive the Kingdom of Denmark's new ePassports. The state-of-the-art document meets the highest security standards of the EU as well as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and consists of 32 pages, including a polycarbonate data page with an electronic chip.

The new passport contains a total of four photographs of the holder, including a standard portrait, a photo in a semi-transparent window, and a color photo located opposite the data page. The fourth photo is linked to the Veridos security feature Fuse-ID. Furthermore, the passport uses advanced Magic-ID multi-image technology, which displays a Viking dragon figure that seems to move when viewed from different angles.

The historical theme and familiar design motifs of the past 20 years are retained in the new passport. As an identifying motif, it continues to show the runestones of Jelling, which evoke a strong association with the founding of the Danish nation state. In addition, each visa page has its own special layout with the outlines of well-known Danish islands in the background. Under UV light, the islands illuminate as if you were flying over them at night and spotting the lights of the towns.

Denmark issues a total of eight passport types: a Danish, Greenlandic, and Faroese passport, a diplomatic passport, a service passport, an alien passport, a refugee passport, and a temporary passport.

The new ePassports are being produced through the cooperation of Veridos and idpeople. Veridos is responsible for the design and production of the electronic travel documents, while idpeople is responsible for the personalization and distribution of the passports at its location in Skovlunde near Copenhagen. In addition, the company is responsible for customer service alongside the Danish authorities.

"We are thrilled that the Kingdom of Denmark was able to start issuing the new ePassports on schedule," says Marc-Julian Siewert, CEO of Veridos. "Citizens will receive state-of-the-art documents that are not only forgery-proof, but also allow them to cross borders easily and efficiently."

"Applicants will be able to receive their new passport fairly quickly, as the issuance process only takes three to ten working days depending on demand,” adds Jesper Mikkelsen, owner and CEO of idpeople. “We are very pleased that we can help to provide the citizens of Denmark with such high-end travel documents."

Veridos GmbH

Veridos is a world-leading provider of integrated identity solutions. Governments and public authorities in more than 100 countries trust the company’s uniquely comprehensive product portfolio. The company creates end-to-end solutions and services perfectly tailored to meet every government identity need. These range from paper to security printing, electrical chip components, enrollment, identity management systems, personalization and issuance, mobile ID solutions, and border control solutions including eGates. Governments can acquire best-in-class passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and more, or even the facilities to manufacture their own. Learn more about Veridos at www.veridos.com.


idpeople is a people ID company and offers high-end security and identification solutions for governments and private companies all over Europe. The solutions include software-based identification management systems as well as physical ID documents such as national ID and EU driver’s licenses. Learn more about idpeople at www.idpeople.dk.

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