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Scalable, seamless, and secure authentication solutions for enterprise security

More than ever before, companies must protect their IT infrastructure. Cyberthreats are increasing in number, and cyberattacks are becoming more intimidating as well as more sophisticated. Data is at risk both inside and outside the enterprise. But the threat isn’t just cybercrime –social engineering or simple burglary also pose great risk.

It's essential for organizations to defend their IT infrastructure with enterprise security solutions. Your defense must be sufficiently robust to deal with relevant threat levels and avoid unauthorized access to company assets. Furthermore, highly secure, scalable cybersecurity solutions must be in place to protect business-critical applications and vulnerable data from hackers. Ideally, these tools should work everywhere in a company – also in lower-risk areas of the business, such as in administration and marketing functions.

What are the threats and challenges?

Vulnerability or even failure to protect against malware or other threats can lead to irrevocable damage. However, in order to successfully combat threats, the complexity of the overall system must be taken into account. Inherent vulnerability of an IT infrastructure, complexities in password-based systems, and newly introduced compliance and security regulations may all have an impact.

As a result of stricter laws for communications and data protection, organizations now also face enormous fines if data is compromised. Global companies could even face a penalty of up to four percent of annual turnover if a breach occurs. In the near future, it will be a legal requirement for companies to report security breaches.

At the same time, the digital transformation is pushing businesses to offer more information and services online and via mobile devices. For companies across industries and sectors, the main issues are not only related to full protection against threats. The real challenge is to balance convenience and customer centricity with a high level of safety and data protection.

G+D helps to secure your enterprise

We provide security in enterprise environments in all channels - from cloud services and mobile applications to IoT, anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

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Our enterprise security products and services have been applied in a whole range of sectors across the globe. G+D’s experts stand at your side to support your digital transformation with solutions that help you manage all aspects of enterprise security – from identity and access issues, fraud management, and securing company data and staff mobile devices to protecting IoT environments. We enable seamless and distinct authentication.


To manage the lifecycle of trusted digital identities, our security solutions are:

  • cost-effective
  • easily deployable
  • flexible
  • scalable

We provide the building blocks that enable secure and seamless authentication. With our technology, companies and service providers can concentrate on their core business – without having to constantly worry about how to protect themselves.

Multi-factor authentication on the rise

Unfortunately, data thieves and identity hackers are getting more and more creative – and they readily adapt to new technologies. With multi-factor-authentication (MFA), a trend is now taking hold that provides even more security by adding a second or even third factor to pre-existing tokens.

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It can be achieved by using a combination of the following: Something you know, such as a password or PIN. Something you have, like a token or smart card. Something you are, for example a fingerprint as a type of biometrics. MFA ensures that users really are who they claim to be. The more factors implemented to determine a person’s identity, the greater the level of trust in authenticity. Hence, it is widely recognized as the most secure method for authenticating access to data and applications.

With our authentication solutions we enable enterprises to profit from the benefits of MFA:

  • Improves security and is an essential element of cybersecurity
  • Achieves compliance
  • Increases flexibility and productivity by simplifying login processes
  • Secures data and communications

Convenience without compromising enterprise security

Our StarSign® security solutions comprise highly secure and innovative products that have been tried and tested around the world. The extensive portfolio includes smartcards, tokens, key fobs, wristbands, middleware, authentication software, mobile solutions, and card operating software. Furthermore, a broad spectrum of additional services is available, which are scalable to various enterprise security needs.

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Software-Based Authentication

Our software-based solutions enable seamless and frictionless authentication. Elements in our portfolio provide a simpler and better user experience online while providing stronger security and reducing risks.

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Hardware-Based Authentication

Our StarSign® product family offers intelligent and cost-effective security. We equip enterprise networks to face the challenges of a mobile and connected society. With our solutions, you can protect your intellectual property.

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Signature Card

STARCOS® Signature Card is a new generation of smart card to enable secure electronic transactions.

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G+D launches StarSign® Key Fob

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G+D and HID Global join forces

G+D has collaborated with HID Global to enable secure touchless access control for clean room environments.

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