Convego® Relate – personalized communications for increased customer satisfaction

Convego® Relate allows issuers to add another layer of communication at the most important touchpoint – the moment of issuance. With our solution, this can be fully tailored along with print, augmented reality or via online channels.

Today, content needs to be experience-driven and memorable. With Convego® Relate you reduce friction by making your promotions and web destinations immediately accessible for your card holder. Customers can directly navigate from your printed card carrier and collateral to their mobile devices. Build your relationships with the customer in a variety of ways – whatever target customer group and whatever channel you want to use. Whether print, online or digital, Convego® Relate is your way to master the messaging channels during issuance to create the best and memorable impression on your customer. Our solution is scalable, from classic customization of carriers to premium services, and allows an even deeper customization of your channels. 


One solution fits multiple use cases

  • Facilitates a modern, interactive experience
  • Improves your customer relationship
  • Takes your marketing campaigns to the next level
  • Increases your card activation rate
  • Tap into innovation to deliver your digital services

Convego® Relate – full control of your customer relationship

Personalised messages are of more value to your customer during the issuance process. We’ll show you in our video:

Provide messages that stick

  • Convego® Relate Classic – a lightweight editing experience
  • Convego® Relate Premium – a extended editing experience

Products & solutions

Convego® Relate Print

The core of Convego® Relate Print is where you customize the carrier itself, often the most important printed communication the customer receives. Use this trusted medium to deliver targeted content, helpful information, and brand messaging when customers open an envelope.

Convego® Relate Message

Before the carrier arrives are several critical customer milestones: application completed, card in production, card sent, card about to arrive. Convego® Relate Message lets you tailor these updates in your own voice, with your own brand attributes - at any point in the issuance process.

Convego® Relate Interact

Extending each interaction is the role of Convego® Relate Interact. Simple QR codes let you take your customer seamlessly into richer experiences such as augmented reality, and interactive digital content, all on their mobile phone. This provides issuers with the ability to leverage their existing carriers, collateral, and card. Moreover, it creates exceptional user experience as issuers can produce interactive content for their cardholders that runs on their mobile devices.

Download Convego® Relate brochure

Tailor your issuance communications and build outstanding customer experiences.

Convego® Relate provides a rich suite of tools that can help transform issuance communications, building a deeper, more compelling relationships between issuers and their customers.

Related solutions

Managed card issuance

Let us manage your card issuance. This puts you as the issuing bank in the enviable position of being able to dedicate yourself completely to your core business and manage relationships with your cardholders.

Card issuance for partners

Our scalable Convego® Issuance Partner solutions enable you to access a wide range of our card services – including a unified software environment for the shopfloor. You can buy cards or modules from us, but you do not have to worry about the related landscape of distributed machines and software.

Instant issuance

We offer self-service solutions for your customers or fit-for-purpose issuance services for offshore locations and your branches.

Smart issuance

The next level in card issuance: smart issuance frees up the traditional choices related to issuance. Our next-generation card issuance platform brings an open environment with it and covers smart services and solutions for increased flexibility, transparency, and connectivity.

Issuance outsourcing

G+D can help you optimize in-house card personalization. In coming up with a tailored solution for you, we take current market challenges into account. Our offering comprises consulting services and a wide range of possibilities that tap into our outstanding card expertise, whether it means transferring your site, staff, or machinery to us.

Digital first – Convego® Now

With Convego® Now we bring digital and physical card issuance together. This is our main promise but there is more.

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