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Everyone should have access to convenient and safe digital payments. That they are secure, inclusive, and resilient should be a given. Central bank digital currency (CBDC) provides a public form of paying and storing values digitally. We are here to build your CBDC solution – one that supports all players in the payment industry.

As digital forms of payment continue to grow in number and popularity, we believe that there is a need for a government-backed digital currency that is safe, secure, and trusted. CBDC is a digital version of physical cash. Issued by a central bank, it is pegged to a local currency and made available to everyone, everywhere. It has the same characteristics as cash – plus the added benefit of being digital. That means it can be used for payments in stores and online, and can be easily sent to friends and family. But beyond that – and equally important – CBDC fosters digital financial inclusion and serves as a bedrock for further innovation.

Designing a secure digital future

Anonymous yet transparent

In order to be widely accepted by users, and prevent illegal payment activity, CBDC must balance anonymity with transparency. Mechanisms that prevent untaxed economies and financial crime in the physical world – none of which reduce the value of cash or restrict citizens’ freedom to make transactions – must be transferred into the digital world. And, unlike current digital payments, CBDC would not involve disclosing personal data to third parties.

Universally accepted and accessible

As legal tender, CBDC has to be accepted by all merchants and enterprises within a country. At the same time, individuals must be able to access it without needing expensive or complicated devices. Payments must always be possible – even offline or without power supply. These are the key factors required to build trust and acceptance of CBDC among the general public.

Highest security standards

Certain critical infrastructures, such as public payment, are of such vital importance to societal structure and the national economy that their failure would result in significant disruption to public security. Protecting CBDC from cyberattacks and other threats is just as important as upholding banknote security.

G+D Filia®: the evolution of currency

Developing a CBDC solution is a complex undertaking – and securely implementing it even more so. At G+D, we combine a deep understanding of financial systems with expertise in building highly secure digital infrastructures and digital payment know-how. G+D Filia® is our commitment to supporting central banks, commercial banks, fintechs, merchants, and other players in overcoming the roadblocks to CBDC. Learn more about Filia®’s essential features and our offerings below:

Embrace innovation and growth

Existing members of the currency cycle play a vital role in G+D’s hybrid-deployment model of a value-based CBDC solution. Here, the creation and issuance of data files that represent monetary value take place in a highly secure offline environment at the central bank, while distribution is carried out by commercial banks or other financial service providers. Payment service providers can integrate Filia® into their own offerings – as part of a larger payment ecosystem – to enable new business models, and to foster growth and innovation in an open system.

Ensure universal accessibility to digital payment

Filia® can be utilized through smartphones, smartcards, smartwatches, and other forms of digital wallets, without the need for a bank account, the disclosure of private data, or consumer fees. This helps central banks fulfill their mandate of issuing a digital form of legal tender that can be used independently while guaranteeing widespread benefits for both businesses and the general public.

The G+D Filia® approach comes with a number of unique benefits

  • Secure, consecutive offline payments, irrespective of access to a power supply
  • Flexible balance of privacy and transparency by strictly separating information, access, and systems
  • The highest level of security, through a strict separation of CBDC creation and transaction processes
  • A superior level of resilience due to a design without a single point of failure

Your partner in overcoming the roadblocks to CBDC

Besides technological requirements, a variety of policy and regulatory design criteria also need to be taken into account. We have been working on CBDC concepts for many years. During this time, we’ve gained a deep understanding of what’s needed and have shaped the thinking around CBDC in a multitude of ways. Our experts have advised numerous central banks around the world on CBDC, worked on studies, and conducted pilot projects. As such, our offering ranges from CBDC consultancy services up to full-fledged pilot implementations.

Bank of Ghana partners with Giesecke+Devrient

The Bank of Ghana partners with Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) to pilot a general purpose Central Bank Digital Currency (retail CBDC) in Ghana, West Africa. G+D is providing the technology and developing the solution adapted to Ghana’s requirements, which will be tested in a trial phase with banks, payment service providers, merchants, consumers and other relevant stakeholders.

Global CBDC Challenge presentation of G+D Filia® at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2021

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Consumer Attitudes to CBDC

The report includes a survey conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of OMFIF and G+D which provides an invaluable insight into consumers’ attitudes towards a legal digital means of payment. It was conducted in four countries: Germany, Indonesia, Nigeria and the US with over 3,000 respondents. Findings help offer a map for policy-makers as they consider design of retail central bank digital currencies.

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G+D Filia®

Read more about CBDC – a secure and trusted currency.

More insights into CBDC

Curious about digital cash?

Developing a new form of digital fiat currency is as exciting as it is challenging. Many aspects need to be considered to turn this vision into reality.



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