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G+D Filia® – cash for the digital age

G+D Filia® is our commitment to supporting central banks, commercial banks, fintechs, merchants, and other players in overcoming the roadblocks to CBDC. Filia® follows a token-based approach and tackles some of the most challenging requirements for a CBDC. The Filia® system consist of eight components so that stakeholders benefit from a modular system.

Embrace innovation and growth

Existing members of the currency cycle play a vital role in G+D’s hybrid-deployment model of a value-based CBDC solution. Here, the creation and issuance of data files that represent monetary value take place in a highly secure offline environment at the central bank, while distribution is carried out by commercial banks or other financial service providers. Payment service providers can integrate Filia® into their own offerings – as part of a larger payment ecosystem – to enable new business models, and to foster growth and innovation in an open system.

Universal accessibility to digital payment

Filia® can be utilized through smartphones, smart cards, smartwatches, and other forms of digital wallets, without the need for a bank account, the disclosure of private data, or consumer fees. It can be used for payments in areas with no power supply or internet connection - even without a mobile network. This helps central banks fulfill their mandate of issuing a digital form of legal tender that can be used independently while guaranteeing widespread benefits for both businesses and the general public.

G+D 2023 Future Digital Awards Gold Prize Badge for CBDC Innovation

Benefits of G+D Filia®

  • Secure, consecutive offline payments, irrespective of access to a power supply
  • Flexible balance of privacy and transparency by strictly separating information, access, and systems
  • Pioneering programmability solutions
  • The highest level of security, through a strict separation of CBDC creation and transaction processes
  • A superior level of resilience due to a design without a single point of failure

G+D Filia® system components


The Core System will be utilized by all participants to verify the validity of CBDC and assures the integrity of CBDC in circulation.


The Central Bank Suite (CBS) manages the CBDC vault and the supply of CBDC to financial service providers.


The CBDC Minting Suite provides a high secure environment for creation of CBDC before issuance.


The CBDC Governance Suite ensures the compliant provisioning of data for analytics purposes configured via centralized transparency control.


This is the component used by the FSPs to provide functionality around secure storage of CBDC on behalf of customers, the provision of payment interfaces and the exchange between CBDC and deposit money.


G+D provides a Mobile SDK for financial service providers which can be used to integrate the Filia® functionalities into existing applications, or operated as a standalone wallet application for P2P and P2B payments.


With our hardware wallets consumer can store CBDC and make online and consecutive offline payments.


The CBDC Commerce Suite is designed to be integrated into existing point-of-sale solutions and e-commerce platforms for merchants for accepting CBDC payments.


G+D Filia® brochure

Cover of G+D FILIA brochure

Read more about the digital complement to cash

Design concept of a secure and trusted CBDC

Learn about the key CBDC design criteria based on G+D Filia®’s unique approach.


Check out a few of our success stories

Dr. Ernest K.Y. Addision, Governor of Bank of Ghana and Dr. Wolfram Seidemann, CEO of the Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology business sector, signed an agreement to implement a pilot CBDC in Afrika

Bank of Ghana partners with G+D on eCedi

Logo: eCedi

Designing the eCedi with the Bank of Ghana

View of Rio de Janeiro with Christo statue in foreground

G+D selected for LIFT Challenge implementation

Colin Pou, Executive Director of the HKMA, Polly Bäumler, Business Developer at G+D's CBDC unit and Alexander Seelaender, Head of G+D Hub Asia, Managing Director

G+D wins Best Technology Award in the Global Fast Track CBDC 2022 competition

Dr. Phil Mnisi, Governor of the Central Bank of Eswatini, and Dr. Wolfram Seidemann, CEO of G+D Currency Technology, at the signing of the partnership agreement.

Central Bank of Eswatini partners with G+D

Thai city skyline at sunset

G+D technology used in Bank of Thailand CBDC Pilot 

Helix Bridge with Marina Bay Sands in the background, Marina Bay, Singapore

G+D wins MAS Global CBDC Challenge 2021

Badge of the G20 TechSprint CBDC Initiative 2022

G+D shortlisted for the G20 TechSprint CBDC Initiative 2022


Security powered by secunet: Filia®’s PKI 

With Filia®, central banks can generate digital tokens that represent a value, which can be stored and transferred easily via digital wallets – a truly convenient complement to cash. Convenience must come with security, however. Just as banknotes are protected by haptic, optic, and other security features against counterfeiting, a central bank digital currency (CBDC) must also be secured against fraud and misuse. Germany’s leading cybersecurity company, secunet Security Networks AG, affiliated with the G+D Group, fulfills this function for Filia®.   

Protecting digital infrastructures is one of secunet’s missions. From developing the security architecture, to creating the public key infrastructure (PKI) concept, and securing authentication during payment through its own eID PKI suite, secunet has been integral to every step of Filia®’s journey. Its remit extends from preventing duplication and counterfeiting of digital wallets, to consulting on the design of the central ledger of a central bank. Crucially, it has dealt with the security around leaving token-based currency on smart cards, and securing them with cryptography. secunet’s roster of clients includes the German Federal Police, EU border control, and numerous government and corporate clients.  

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