Convego® CloudPay eSE

From watches, wristbands and jewelry to glasses and clothing, the use cases for wearable payments are many. And as contactless payments is coming into its own, wearable payments are seeing a dramatic increase in customer adoption – in everyday use.

The appeal of wearable payment is easy to understand. The ability to use items worn on the body to quickly and easily pay for goods and services takes the convenience of mobile and contactless payment to a new level. And we know how you can leverage on this demand, and the possibilities wearable technology brings!

Convego® CloudPay eSE in a nutshell

Our tokenized wearable solutions are designed and certified according to the requirements of the major payment networks. This ensures that all contactless payment vehicles are not only simple to adapt and to perform, but also highly secure.

We are the partner of choice for global brands when looking to integrate tokenized wearable technology into their lines of smart and stylish devices – be they watches, jewelry, fitness trackers, or other products. We offer essential back-end services for token requests and lifecycle management of the embedded secure element inside wearables. The end-to-end solution include a companion app, a convenient interface for your customer to make use of this service. All easy and convenient.

  • Our wearable solutions enable fast go-to-market with unmatched security and functionality – putting you in front of your competition
  • Leverage your business with our ecosystem of established partners, future-proofed technology, and certified components
  • Customer satisfaction will be increased because of frictionless wearable payments
  • By offering secure wearable payment solutions, with bolt-in technology for customizable offerings, you will enjoy higher brand retention
  • Juniper Research has awarded our tokenized  wearable solution with the Platinum Award in “IoT Payment Innovation”: Our solution has been tested, proven and accredited as best-in-class
Check out this Video on how easily it is done!


Solution brief about transformation through integration

Wearables have transformed the way millions of people live, play, work and pay, with new applications for the technology being implemented at a staggering pace. What was once the province of premium consumer technology is now being used in multiple industries in single and multiple-use applications, from payments and access management to transportation and ticketing.

Case study on our successful collaboration with Swatch

G+D has enabled Swatch to easily add new and highly secure functionality to their watches. G+D’s technology ensures that Swatch customers enjoy functionality without compromising what they love most about Swatch – fashionable design, low price, and long battery life.

Trend report on wearable payments

Juniper Research Lead Analyst Nick Maynard conducted the below interview with Jukka Yliuntinen, Head of Digital Solutions at G+D in June 2021.

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Convego® CloudPay HCE

G+D’s wallet solution has been conferred the Platinum Award in the Best Digital Wallet category sponsored by Juniper Research. With its easy implementation and simple scalability, it has the potential to win your consumers’ hearts.

Convego® Service Broker

With this token management tool, you can provide a token cockpit for your customers, so they can securely manage the token lifecycle. This solution can also be leveraged as a customer support tool for token lifecycle management.

Convego® CloudPay eCOM

Our special solution for e-commerce enables high-level security via card-on-file network tokenization. Merchants no longer need to store sensitive customer payment data. That lets them avoid costly risk-management tools, and eliminates the probability data security breaches and cyber threats.


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