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Enable EMV® payments for your own digital wallet

Making a unique statement with a state-of-the-art digital wallet! The need for convenient ways to pay is on the rise. Customers want to be able to pay anytime, anywhere, and with any device. We offer digital payment solutions that enable your (HCE) wallet competitive advantages.

Our solutions work seamlessly with any payments scheme and with any OEM mobile technology (eg. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay). And the security lies in bolt-in tokenization. Our solutions are also one of the few available to provide full token request service, and token lifecycle management to multiple brands. Thanks to a close cooperation between G+D and Visa and Mastercard, our trusted solutions for tokenized digital  payments enables you fully access to their tokenization services. And you can offer your customers to pay anytime, anywhere, with any device. Putting your brand first! 

Convego® CloudPay HCE in a nutshell

Our HCE wallet solution Convego CloudPay is a proven, scalable digital payments platform with millions of users. It provides an end-to-end solution for lifecycle management of tokenized payment cards and secure provisioning of full credentials within seconds. Our solution is already integrated to global and regional token service providers (TSP). Meaning you can enjoy fast time-to-market with minimum effort. The solution, consisting of CloudPay Server and CloudPay SDK, acts as an on-behalf token requestor for issuer HCE wallets and 3rd-party HCE wallets. It is compatible with most widely-used device models.

  • A device-agnostic solution will make you top-of-mind thanks to a state-of-the-art customer experience
  • Customer satisfaction will increase thanks to a frictionless digital wallet solution
  • By offering secure tokenized payment integrated in your digital wallet, your customers can pay securely
  • Allowing payments in an omni-channel environment with our solution, your user payment credentials will always be secured
  • Bolt-in technology enables higher brand retention thanks to your offering of customizable solutions
  • You will enjoy customer loyalty as a preferred provider when it comes to pay
  • Available as a managed service or software license, as a standalone or in combination with the Convego Service Broker
Watch Carsten Wengel from G+D talking to Cecile Moerkens from Rabobank


Cover of the case study 'Future of digital payments'
Case study - customer behavior and tokenization drive new ways to pay

Download our success story and get valuable insights in how we have supported brands like Erste Group, Deutsche Bank, Rabobank, and SwatchPAY with our HCE wallet solution.

Cover of the trend report on HCE Cloud Payments
Trend report - Combining the real and virtual worlds of payments

Host Card Emulation (HCE) allows payment credentials to be managed by a cloud service, and instead of needing hardware – known as a secure element – to be embedded in a payment device such as a mobile phone, payment cards can be downloaded from the cloud to HCE‐supported mobile devices, secured by software on the phone. In essence, HCE enables the emulation of a payment card by an application running on a mobile device.

Cover of the whitepaper: G+D digital payment solutions
Whitepaper: G+D digital payment solutions

Corporations compete and collaborate. International traders make contacts and sign contracts. And consumers enjoy innovative products and services. Commerce makes the world go round. But the true enabler happens in the background: getting paid. Going beyond the card...

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Convego® Service Broker

Service Broker, our cloud-based solution acts as a tokenization service aggregator, enabling you to effortlessly integrate with a plethora of token service providers as well as a diverse variety of wallet providers, merchants, and devices. 

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Convego® CloudPay eSE

Juniper Research awarded our wearable enablement solution with a Platinum Award in its IoT Payment Innovation category. With its OEM agnostic way, the solution conveniently secures payments – regardless of form-factor.

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Convego® Token Cockpit

Elevates the capabilities of mobile wallets by empowering customers with visibility and control over their digital payment credentials.

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More Accessible Payments Offering

Explore a suite of card, digital and onboarding solutions that can help you to deliver a more accessible, convenient and secure payment experience to your end-customers. Another step toward social sustainability in your ESG journey!


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