Future-proofing your enterprise

With our experience in cybersecurity and products and services rolled out to sectors across the globe, G+D Mobile Security supports your digital transformation with solutions that help you manage all aspects of enterprise security, from identity and access to fraud, from company data to staff's mobile devices. No matter what you do or where you do business, our experts don’t just know your challenges, they also know exactly how to tackle them.

Your identity journey – step by step

Every identity journey begins the moment a new user or device joins your system – because this is when their identity is first created. Our solutions support the digitalization of this process, cutting out analog aspects that slow down your service.
Once you have created an identity, it needs to be provisioned along with all data necessary to provide and securely manage services. This entails transfers to a device’s secure credential storage, for instance its SIM card, eSIM, or smart card.
With people, devices, and machines constantly interacting, you need robust authentication to limit services or data access to the right people. Our solutions also ensure that key servers and data centers are resistant to cyberattacks.
Our management solutions let you manage services and security over the entire lifecycle of devices and users.
Erase all identity profiles and service-related data from a device’s secure elements.

Key solution for enterprises

Identity and access management made easy

Manage access to critical systems efficiently and cost-effectively from a single platform. From two-factor authentication to securing multiple access points for securely managed digital identities of people, devices, machines, and applications.

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Enterprise security

We know how to keep businesses safe: G+D offers a one-stop identity shop for issuing, revoking, provisioning, managing, and authenticating digital identities of users (IAM), mobile devices, machines, and applications.

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Enterprise mobility management

Employees are increasingly using their own mobile devices for work as well as for private use. "Bring your own Device", however, creates a security loophole. G+D’s enterprise mobility management solution closes the gap and keep company data secure.

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