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Career Opportunities in the Purchasing Team at G+D

Would you like to be part of a great team that deals with a variety of people, products and tasks? Current topics such as digitalization, sustainability and changing market conditions are constantly changing requirements. No day is like the other in Purchasing. Sound exciting? Then you have come to the right place!

Purchasing at G+D is characterized by its great diversity in tasks and relevance. We act as an interface both internally and externally and deal with interesting products and raw materials for multiple business areas Digital Security, Financial Platforms and Currency Technology. We are involved in numerous exciting projects, product developments and procurement activities. This variety of challenges makes our work particularly interesting and demanding.

Purchasing at G+D

About us 

The tasks in purchasing go far beyond reducing procurement costs. As purchasers at G+D, we are responsible for supplying all locations with the required goods (direct and indirect goods and services) with the best quality, at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right price and in the right place, always taking sustainability into account. In the area of purchasing, we are therefore responsible for the entire procurement process, from the invitation to tender and request for proposals to negotiating, awarding contracts and dealing with contract disruptions.

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We also analyze trends and potential risks on the procurement market in order to make proactive decisions and develop strategies. Overall, Purchasing helps to ensure that G+D is as well prepared as possible for potential risks in the supply chain. We work closely with internal departments such as Production, Quality Assurance and Sales and are in direct contact with suppliers. No department has more external contacts than Procurement, this is why we are an important part of innovation management. We are actively seeking out innovative technologies and suppliers in order to identify potential competitive advantages for G+D and integrate innovative solutions. Through the successful interplay of these tasks, our purchasing department also makes a significant contribution to the financial success of the company by reducing costs, increasing efficiency and exploiting strategic opportunities. Purchasing at G+D has a global presence with locations throughout the world such as Malaysia, Canada, the USA and Shanghai, with headquarters in Munich.

Our values

Become part of a motivated team that has great interest and fun in getting to know the relevant market and industry knowledge. Our work is characterized by proactivity and flexibility, as we have to react to constantly changing market conditions and customer requirements at an early stage. Transparency and close internal cooperation are important to us, as open communication is a decisive factor for the success of our team.

We are more than just procurement, we add value to the company.

Ralf Gerlach, Head of Purchasing Currency Technology

Open positions


G+D is active in the three business areas of Digital Security, Financial Platforms and Currency Technology and holds a leading competitive and technological position in these segments. Therefore the purchasing department is responsible for the expansion of this position with a professional organization, a coordinated strategy and optimal processes.

Product groups

The product groups and procurement objects differ depending on the individual business areas. The most important objects in G+D's procurement include the following examples: 

  • Digital Security: hardware and software
  • Financial Platforms: semiconductors, special machine construction, inlays, card bodies
  • Currency Technology: cotton combs, paints and varnishes, films, special machine construction

The responsibility and future of procurement

Due to the growing complexity of procurement, purchasing is becoming increasingly important as companies face the challenge of creating efficient and resilient supply chains. At G+D, we are prepared to proactively address these changes and contribute to long-term business success. Would you like to be a part of it and help shape the future of procurement at G+D?


Sustainability in purchasing is taken into account in all procurement decisions and processes, e.g. when selecting suppliers, by complying to the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR). We thus ensure that both potential and existing suppliers adhere to the necessary safety and compliance standards, such as the German Supply Chain Duty of Care Act.

When selecting suppliers, we also attach great importance to products from local suppliers, as transportation has a significant impact on the environmental impact and CO2 footprint. By recording Scope 3 emissions, for example, as a measure for reducing emissions in the supply chain, we actively contribute to the implementation of the Group-wide ESG strategy. Purchasing also plays an important role in the "Green Banknote Initiative", "Ocean Payment Card" and "renewable energies" through the selection and procurement of resource-conserving materials.

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Purchasing 4.0

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 have become an common topic in the economy and companies in recent years. For this reason, a "Procurement 4.0" strategy was adopted back in 2017 and has been consistently implemented since then in order to cope with these new developments. As part of our change management measures, we ensure that Procurement at G+D is successfully adapted to constant changes and that the digital skills of our colleagues are constantly being developed. We actively support this digital transformation with a wide range of internal training courses on various topics such as digital mindset or various tools and systems. Another important task is the further development of the purchasing process through the integration of modern technologies, data analysis and automation with the aim of making this process more efficient, agile and data-driven, but also massively simplifying it along the entire value chain.


We have been a member of the German Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME), a professional network partner for purchasing, supply chain and logistics managers in Germany and Europe, for several years. This allows us to benefit from an international network and enables us to have an exciting exchange about current developments in purchasing and logistics. We are represented at many specialist events or organize our own events together with the BME.

From the very beginning, we have also worked closely with the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and the students from the Digital Sustainable Procurement and Supply Management class. Teaching assignments and guest lectures by our purchasers give us a fresh perspective on the topic of procurement and keep us up to date with the latest trends. In this context, we also offer various student trainee positions, internships and the supervision of final papers. We have also recently started offering a part-time program to accompany your studies, which is ideally suited to combining a Master's degree with a variety of practical activities at G+D. In this way, we also support the attractiveness of purchasing and the G+D Group as a modern and innovative employer.

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