iUICC – the integrated SIM is the future of connectivity

The integrated Universal Integrated Circuit Card (iUICC) is the next phase of SIM solution technology. Smaller, cheaper, and with more flexibility and sustainability than earlier SIM generations, it has the potential to revolutionize the market for connected IoT devices and technology. Regardless of this forecast, existing solutions such as SIM and eSIM will exist in parallel in the coming years. As a trusted partner in IoT for over 20 years, G+D is working to advance this technology.


Unlike removable SIM cards, which are set into plastic housings, or eSIMs, which are soldered into the device, an iUICC is a tamper-resistant element (TRE) within a system-on-a-chip (SoC). Also known as an integrated SIM, iUICC is an isolated hardware component combined with a baseband chipset to create a single connectivity module. iUICC is the latest stage of the SIM evolution, and it offers a tremendous amount of potential and advantages for the IoT industry. Due to its small footprint and the low power requirements, it is a promising all-in-one connectivity solution, especially for the Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT).

G+D is uniquely and exceptionally equipped to help users achieve all of this and implement iUICC to improve their devices, services, and operations. As the company that delivered the world’s first SIM cards, in 1991, G+D is excited to continue the SIM’s legacy and usability through new, innovative technology and cost-effective, sustainable strategies.

SIM evolution towards an all-in-one connectivity solution

Classical SIM card (plug in)

Pluggable SIM card

Dedicated smartcard controller

Typically, fixed and preconfigured MNO/connectivity profile

G+D provides complete product, smartcard incl. operating system (OS)

Embedded SIM (eSIM)

Solderable surface-mounted device (SMD)

Dedicated smartcard controller

Supports flexible connectivity via eSIM management

G+D provides an end-to-end solution incl. hardware, smartcard OS and eSIM management

Integrated SIM (iUICC)

Tamper-resistant element (TRE) implemented within a system on chip (SoC)

All-in-one connectivity solution for IoT, baseband chipset incl. integrated SIM

Secure production concept for IoT available

G+D provides smartcard OS (license) + remote SIM management

Facts about the integrated SIM

For over 20 years, G+D has been a trusted provider to IoT manufacturers, who rely on our security competence. To continue the iUICC’s progress and worldwide commercial success, G+D believes that standardization is the key, and is working diligently towards that goal. Below, we cover some basic facts to help you get more acquainted with the technology and its past (and future) development.

  • The integration of the SIM into the baseband chipset paves the way for the next generation of secure IoT connectivity
  • As an integrated SIM, the iUICC continues the success of SIM and eSIM in authenticating mobile networks without reducing security
  • For the foreseeable future, SIM, eSIM, and integrated SIM will coexist because they provide similar but also differing characteristics targeting varying areas of the IoT
  • The iUICC has been commercially available and proven in its field since 2021

Main features of the integrated SIM

The iUICC has several features that help make it a more robust, secure phase of SIM card technology. These features have been designed by industry experts to meet agreed-upon, approved specifications, standards, and processes.

  • Trusted, tamper-resistant hardware
  • Secure SIM operating system
  • Secure data preparation and provisioning
  • Interoperability within the eSIM ecosystem
  • Integration and managing life cycles

Benefits at a glance

As the latest phase of the SIM evolution, the iUICC offers several advantages and opportunities:

  • Reduced footprint: because it is embedded into the device’s hardware, it allows for smaller, lighter devices that are less expensive to produce
  • Power optimization: lower power requirements means that batteries will last longer and IoT devices will benefit from more efficiency
  • More efficient production: integrating the iUICC as part of the baseband module enables streamlining of production and operation processes
  • Security: the isolated, tamper-resistant hardware is comparable to carrier-grade security.
  • Reduced cost and time to market: a generic and easy-to-integrate solution for all IoT verticals, as well as a significantly smaller chip that saves space, time, and materials
  • Sustainability: no extra housing or plastic material is required, thus making this a green solution
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iUICC is a very exciting technology with massive amounts of potential, especially for the IoT. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront when it comes to bringing this to market together with our industrial partners.

Our expertise

When it comes to bringing iUICC to market, we and our industrial partners are at the forefront together. In addition to enabling a complete eSIM solution, our expertise and market position means we’re ideally situated to help prepare for the future of connectivity, and iUICC is a vital part of that conversation. G+D is committed to the secure personalization of iUICC in IoT devices. We are working with multiple technology partners to commercialize this new SIM solution, and we also have several initiatives to define life cycle management for integrated solutions, concerning both operating systems and profile updates. These profiles are being developed in collaboration with trusted standards organizations such as ETSI, Trusted Connectivity Alliance, and GlobalPlatform. We have already begun the first international and commercial trials, cooperating with big players. We are committed to the continual development and implementation of this SIM evolution, to better serve our customers, our industries, and the environment.

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