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High-security printing plants: experience breeds success

Plant Engineering is a question of trust. This applies to banknote and security printers in two respects. Since we are also manufacturers, we know exactly what the various sectors need, and know how to give you a return on investment from day one.

Banknote and security printing plants worldwide benefit from our experience in optimizing processes, and in the modernization of systems. Our expertise has allowed companies to develop new sectors, to expand existing capacities, to introduce new technological and ecological standards, and to secure locations. To this day, we continue to provide most of these companies with advice and support.

Our portfolio ranges from process consultation and optimization, through to partial modernization and the construction of turnkey plants for printing banknotes and securities.

Coaching for printers: greater Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

It’s always hardest to optimize your own processes – it’s much easier with a sparring partner who can assess the situation objectively, and identify “blind spots” in order to jointly develop solutions. This also applies when we “coach” banknote and security printing plants in the optimization of their processes.

As an external partner, we can stand back from our customers’ internal processes and objectively identify optimization potential. But as a banknote and securities printer with decades of experience, we are also well-established enough in the sector to understand, analyze, and optimize our customers’ processes.

It’s the combination of our experience and our customers’ experience that makes such projects so successful. Our specialists come from a variety of disciplines in the sector, and have themselves worked in different countries and understand regional distinctions.

Available, effective and quality-oriented

  • Better capacity utilization. If the capacity utilization of a plant is lower than planned, the cause can usually be found in additional failures or unnecessarily long set-up times. However, short set-up times increase the availability of the system.
  • Enhanced performance. User-friendly machines ensure that production plants are optimally utilized, and that efficiency increases.
  • Enhanced quality. Machines which quickly reveal deviations in the process or allow processes to be reproduced through default settings, ensure high quality standards.
  • Enhanced overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Less downtime, outstanding user friendliness, and process reliability enhance OEE.
View from above into a production hall with printing plants

Banknotes and documents: top-quality printing

We support our customers in the planning and implementation of high-security printing plants for the production of banknotes and securities. This pertains to all services relating to equipment, as well as the building in which the printing plant should be housed: invitations for tender, project management, finance, and not least financial controlling.

In collaboration with our customers’ departments, we define an initial location, inspect the infrastructure as well as the security and production environment, design and plan the new plants and required buildings, monitor the construction work and assembly, and commission the plants. During this period, we conduct a technical handover to our customers’ specialist staff.

We also train and instruct future operating staff, whilst acting as a proactive point of contact for maintenance, support and development after commissioning.

All-round security and service

  • Equal partners. We have printed banknotes and securities for more almost 170 years.
  • Reliable in all areas. We keep all aspects involved in the planning of components or turnkey plants in full view – from inspecting the infrastructure through to commissioning.
  • Practical expertise. Our consultants draw on tried-and-tested practical experience from our production processes.

Managed service

A 500€ bill is screened and inspected in a machine

Banknote finishing systems

Before the finished banknotes leave the printing plant, they undergo single note inspection, ensuring flawless notes enter circulation.

A man with a business shirt notes something on a piece of paper

Cash center outsourcing

Our managed service operations are available for cash centers of banks, cash-in-transit companies, and casinos. Customers benefit from the flexibility, efficiency, and process maturity of our offering.

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