Close-up of a banknote with RollingStar® LEAD security film in the shape of a shell

RollingStar® LEAD – new dimension in foil

RollingStar® LEAD features a diverse range of optically variable effects in combination with striking dynamic color shifts, including 3D elements. These attractive elements capture users’ attention, guaranteeing fast authentication.

The dynamic visual effects – further highlighted through combination with color shifts – are central components of the attractive RollingStar® LEAD. They are easy to recognize, even in poor light conditions, whilst giving both a quick and reliable indication of banknote authenticity. In addition, new and surprising 3D effects are also possible, in which, for example, recognizable portraits personalities are vividly presented. The micromirror technology which has been developed in-house, and offers both holographic elements and ColourShift technology in the same security feature, poses critical challenges for counterfeiters. All effects can be placed in perfect register to the design of the note, enabling users to match them with other elements instantly. If required, the security of RollingStar® LEAD can be increased even further with a transparent primer, which is visible under ultraviolet light and picks up on motifs or letters.


The benefits of RollingStar® LEAD

  • Shining dynamism: RollingStar technology gives space to allow individual design options incorporating memorable and light-intensive effects
  • Long circulation life: durable, even in demanding circulation conditions
  • Outstanding security: the combination of complex technologies (micromirror/ColourShift and hologram technology) offers an almost insurmountable technical barrier against counterfeiting
  • Flexible: can be applied to all banknote substrates

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Smoothly integrated into production

Banknotes with RollingStar® LEAD can be easily integrated in well-established print processes. Cost-efficient panel application reduces processing costs in comparison to sheet application, and the foils retain their brilliance throughout all printing processes. Central banks looking for a new dimension in foils will find RollingStar® LEAD an attractive option.


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