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RollingStar® i+ safety thread with serrated grid look

RollingStar® i+: a giant leap for security and design

Today, a banknote needs to be more than just a simple means of payment. The demands on banknotes are growing with the number of competing payment options and the increasing capabilities of counterfeiters. A modern banknote must therefore, on the one hand, be appealing so that the public enjoys using it and, on the other hand, be so secure that it challenges even the best counterfeiters. RollingStar® i+ helps to fulfill both requirements at the same time: with a high-tech security technology that makes authenticating banknotes a real pleasure – and counterfeiting them a nightmare.

Our latest security thread in the RollingStar range offers completely new design possibilities, more dynamics, more brilliance, a clearer color shift, and new, attractive effects. And, of course, even more security. In other words: a plus in impact.

Be miles ahead in the nanometer range. With unmatched security from within.

RollingStar® i+ is the result of intensive research and development in which we have succeeded in achieving a new level of micromirror technology for security threads. The innovative multi-facet substructure with an even more sophisticated way of aligning and shaping the micromirrors with nanometer precision enables an attractive and realistic appearance of the thread and ensures unique design possibilities.


With RollingStar® i+, the proven combination of dynamics, color shift, and magnetic technology takes a significant leap forward. Moving motifs and the eye-catching color shift immediately captivate the user of the banknote and raise its security to a higher level. As a banknote is the calling card of its country and its central bank, your possibilities to design this banknote also reach a new level. Two optically variable effects – dynamics and color shift – can be optimally integrated into the overall design of the banknote. And by embedding the security thread in the banknote substrate, security is once again significantly increased – the combination of security and design on a banknote is therefore exclusively possible with cotton-based banknotes.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Brilliant optical effects
  • Best visibility in low lighting
  • Increased dynamics and brilliance through micromirror and color shift technology
  • Enhanced banknote design flexibility
  • Innovative multi-facet substructure for an appealing and realistic look
  • Coded machine-readable magnetic properties for efficient processing (MultiCode™)
Sample banknote with security thread in wavy look
Sample banknote with security thread in cubed look
Sample banknote with security thread in jagged look
Sample banknote with security thread in flowered look

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See banknotes in a new light. With unmatched security from within.

Everything about our latest innovation within security threads: RollingStar® i+

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