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Illustration of four different security threads from G+D

Security threads: efficient and exciting banknote protection

Security threads are a proven, dynamic and cost-effective solution for banknote protection. Based on our decades of experience, we are today able to combine many different security functions within a single thread – from color shift to holograms. The most important advantage is that windowed security threads are inseparably united with the banknote paper.

Security threads are now integrated into almost all banknotes, because they are versatile, easy to recognize, robust, and cost-effective. During the paper production stage, we embed them into the substrate – either fully covered by the paper or as a window thread that is visible on the surface of the paper at regular intervals. Security threads combined with the substrate, certify authenticity and identity to the naked eye, just like a fingerprint. Their durability makes them particularly efficient, even for long circulation lives. As all development and manufacturing processes come from a single source, our thread solutions are both sophisticated and cost-effective.

With variable design, widths, changing visual effects and combinations of different functions possible due to their high technical complexity, our threads raise barriers to forgery. At the same time, they can be verified in various light situations by people and machines alike, at just the turn of a hand. Color shift, 3D effects, demetalization, fluorescence, and magnetic elements mean our fine security threads offer effective protection. A scalable product range is available for any denomination, and for any security requirement.

Display of the Galaxy security thread with dynamic 3-D color change effects

Galaxy® security thread

A new dimension in security: Galaxy® brings together dynamic 3D color shift effects with machine-readability, to meet the highrest security requirements, for public and machine authentication.

Representation of the RollingStar® i+ with innovative, multi-faceted substructure for banknotes

RollingStar® i+ security thread

With RollingStar® i+ we have taken the security and design options for your banknotes to a new level. Eye-catching effects and an innovative multi-facet substructure are setting the standards for security threads.

RollingStar® security thread

Striking, secure and efficient: the machine-readable RollingStar combines compelling color shift with dynamic effects. It makes any banknote instantly perceptible – for security at first glance.

Display of the ColourShift security thread for banknotes with brilliant color change on tilting

ColourShift security thread

Bright and versatile: The ColourShift security thread shifts its shining colors when tipped, and is ideal for integration into any banknote design.

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