Close-up of Rollingstar security thread for banknotes

RollingStar®: bright and eye-catching

RollingStar® is a fascinating and appealing barrier against counterfeiting: this generation of security threads makes possible dynamic effects that immediately attract attention. Thanks to its innovative micro-mirror technology, the thread intelligently links motion sequences and color shift, creating a memorable impression.

RollingStar® provides individual flexibility: it brings together tailor-made design elements with ColourShift and dynamic effects. In addition, further functional security features can be combined with the thread. Demetalized text (cleartext) and the full range of magnetic features are available, to tailor the optimum security solutionto raise both the aesthetic and security characteristics of the banknote.

As with all security threads, we integrate RollingStar® into the substrate during paper production. The threads remain securely anchored in the substrate even after extended circulation lives, therefore making sure a banknote is not only visually attractive, but also assures its security in the long term.

RollingStar® registered for perfect design integration

RollingStar® security threads can also be embedded in the paper on a registered basis, to precisely position individual motifs in relation to the overall design of the note.

RollingStar® security threads embedded in the paper on a registered basis

RollingStar® – permanently integrated & secure

  • Top-level security: millions of micro-mirrors in nanospace form a technical barrier against forgers
  • Individual design: a broad range of dynamic color effects combined with functional elements such as cleartext
  • Machine-readable: compatible with magnetic features, from yes/no recognition to complex coding such as MultiCode™
  • Maximum durability: permanently integrated into the paper during paper production
RollingStar® integrated into the Thai 1,000 baht banknote

Royal Notes: harmony and security

RollingStar® has been integrated into the Thai 500 baht and 1,000 baht banknotes, featuring memorable dynamic effects and striking color shift.

Security is amplified in combination with print

The color shift and dynamic effects of the RollingStar® security thread can be synchronized with other security elements on the banknote. The combination of security features from different production stages (e.g. foil production and printing technology) make authentication easier, whilst further challenging counterfeiters.

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