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Compass Cash Center Fore­casting: enhance operations with accurate cash volume forecasting across sites

CiTs ensure the optimal availability and cost of cash for customers through enhanced planning and accurate cash volume forecasting.

Banks rely on efficient CiT services to control the cost and availability of cash. Compass Cash Center Forecasting offers transparent and accurate cash volume forecasting for CiTs, providing predictions days and weeks in advance. Oversee the status of multiple sites to effectively plan operations and boost efficiency by reducing shortages, ad-hoc calls, and delays. Sophisticated machine learning technology utilizes AI to leverage actual and historical data, automatically improving predictions as more data is recorded. This robust add-on solution simplifies collaboration between supply chain partners, ensuring a consistent balance of cash inventory and customer satisfaction.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Precise forecasting: Accurate predictions observe fluctuating commercial demand while reducing cash shortages and overages, as well as the resulting need for re-planning, ensuring a consistently balanced cash supply and transport services. 
  • Plan inventory: Pre-defined thresholds trigger alerts well before breaches occur, enabling decisive and timely action between customers and CiTs. 
  • Reduce costs: Set seasonal and one-off events in the system for more accurate workload planning to ensure the fulfillment of SLAs, reduce overtime, and efficiently schedule transport services. 
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CiTs enhance planning for improved services

Collaborate with cash cycle partners 

Compass Cash Center Forecasting enables CiTs to securely share data between supply chain partners, boosting transparency for efficient and timely services. Oversee data across multiple sites to optimize inventory and cash reallocation planning. 

Boost accuracy with machine learning technology 

Advanced AI-driven software utilizes actual and historical data to deliver accurate forecasting. Visualize expected stock levels per denomination and currency. CiTs leverage these details to react timeously and plan services efficiently for customers. 

Balanced cash inventory  

Minimize shortages and overages of cash inventory with trustworthy predictions. Benefit from detailed insight into current stock levels and future cash center balance per denomination and qualification type. Visibility across multiple sites improves collaboration with supply chain partners and bolsters efficiency. 

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CiTs can depend on Compass Cash Center's powerful and secure end-to-end cash management solution, trusted for its ability to optimize operations and control costs with reliable efficiency. 


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