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Compass Forecasting: Optimize the availability and cost of cash

This all-in-one cash management software solution enhances CITs ability optimize the availability and cost of cash for customers.

Cash flows constantly in a dynamic cycle, and Compass Forecasting’s data-driven technology accurately controls the flow and cost of cash for CITs and supply chain partners. Technology that intelligently simplifies inbound and outbound cash processes enables CITs to optimize services and maintain a strategic balance of cash inventory for their customers. This all-in-one solution provides real-time insight into replenishment and maintenance orders, technical status, and cash levels of machines and cash points for full visibility and enhanced security. Optimize the availability of cash inventory with the agility to react immediately to a changing world.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Reliable Forecasting: Leverage historical and actual data of machines and cash points to precisely predict future cash demand and balance cash inventory.
  • Automated Orders: CITs benefit from automated orders for collection and change money, maintaining a balance of cash availability while ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Transparency in Real-Time: Monitor cash levels, orders, ATM stock, and machine technical status of individual or groups of cash points in real time to maximize machine uptime and control service, insurance, and interest costs.


Enhance client satisfaction

Maintain a balanced flow of cash inventory for your clients through a centralized, permission controlled online platform that enables secure communication between customers and service providers. Optimize order volume and frequency with automated orders, enabling CITs and customers to share information and react immediately to a changing world.

Efficiently plan services

Compass Forecasting’s machine learning algorithms detect accurate trends in cash demand, to optimize CIT service planning by individual cash point as well as groups of machines. With the flexibility to service these groups, CITs intelligently plan resources for themselves and their customers.

Connect seamlessly with supply chain partners

Safely share real-time data between supply chain partners, enhancing transparency and improving operations overall. Access a concise end-to-end overview of cash movement, empowering the security of cash minute to minute. Strict adherence to security measures ensures the protection of valuable data.

A holistic software approach

Ensure the balance and availability of cash at a lower cost

Optimize the efficiency of cash operations with this modular software solution, ensuring the consistent availability of cash to consumers, while maintaining a balanced cash inventory. Advanced technology simplifies the most complex machinery and operations to ensure accuracy while effectively minimizing logistical costs.



Optimize the availability and cost of cash with intelligent software

Manage large populations of ATMs and other cash points while ensuring the availability of cash anywhere, at any time. Obtain important management information to reduce errors, gain visibility on transport service performance, and make data-driven decisions.

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